Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, difficulties with verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted or repetitive behaviours.

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As of March 2014, 1 in 68 children have been
identified as having ASD with it being 4.5 times
more common in boys (1 in 42) than in girls (1 in 189).

It is often primary caregivers who first notice behaviours consistent with ASD in their child. For example, when the child does not meet typical developmental milestones.

While signs of autism typically develop gradually,
some children will reach developmental milestones
at a normal pace and then regress.

ASD is a spectrum disorder,
meaning it affects each individual differently.
Symptoms vary in intensity and type from person to person.

There are some social, behavioural and sensory characteristics that are consistent with ASD. Knowing what to look for can assist with early, accurate diagnosis and intervention.

If you recognize persistent social communication,
or social interaction deficits; repeated behaviours
or restricted interests; and/or unusual
responses to sensations in your child,
it is possible that he or she
may have autism.

Early diagnosis can result in early intervention.
Scientifically validated forms of treatment,
like Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA),
can improve a child’s chances of achieving the most
developmental gains and reaching their full potential.

Despite stereotyped behaviours, some high functioning
individuals with ASD can go undiagnosed until later
in life when the demands of school or work
reveal skill deficits.

Evidence-based treatments like ABA have also been shown to provide significant improvements in the condition of older children, youth and adults with ASD.

Years of Good Work

The Autism Society of B.C. was founded in 1975, making it one of Canada’s oldest autism organizations. Our goal is to contribute to making British Columbia the best possible province for the care, inclusion and acceptance of people affected by autism spectrum disorder.

With 1 in 68 children being diagnosed with autism, the disorder is no longer a rarity. Thankfully this is less of an insurmountable challenge than it once was. The work being carried out in the field is helping to create best-practices that improve the quality of life for those impacted by autism.



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New To Our Team!

We are excited to welcome Robin Hemmingsen, our new Managing Director, replacing Anya who is on maternity leave. Robin joins us from BCIT, where she was the Dean of Business. Robin brings a wealth of experience in educational, community, and volunteer engagement; she is excited about making a difference in the lives of those affected by autism. Welcome to ASBC!

We are proud to announce the creation of an exciting tool for our ASBC membership that will forever change the autism landscape in BC and make things easier. The ASBC Talent Bank is an online tool designed to help Parents and Behaviour Interventionists find each other. Wherever they live. Province-wide. Find great people. Gain employment in the field of autism treatment. Where you live.


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