For over 40 years the Autism Society of BC has worked to support those individuals and families touched by autism. It is because of the dedication and unwavering support of all who have walked its halls that the ASBC is what it is today. 40 years of good work could not have been possible without the hard work and devotion of all who play a role at ASBC.

ASBC Board of Directors

President Laurie Guerra
Vice-President Gary Robins
Treasurer Cindy Bratkowski
Director Dr. Sara White
Director Sharon Baxter
Director Maureen Lundell
Director Tandy Tam
Director David Taylor
Director David Bridges
Director John Esson
Director Robin Hemmingsen
Director Richard Wiklo


ASBC Staff

Lower Mainland Office

Executive Director Anya Walsh
Information Officer Lindy Chau
Information Officer & Librarian Stella Hui
Program & Operations Manager Ahla Pearse
Fund Development Manager Becs Brocken
Program Manager Bonnie Stein
Accountant Mary Jean Rodriguez

Branch Coordinators

Northern BC Corey Walker
Vancouver Island Teresa Everitt
Interior BC Lisa Watson