• About Autism BC Membership



    Autism touches the lives of all our members in different ways. AutismBC cannot speak for the entire autism community – that would be impossible – we are a part of it, we are individuals working to help navigate the autism journey. Please join our membership, engage with us, share your stories, listen to others, learn from others. Join our inclusive society where every person on the autism spectrum is living their best life.

    Let’s work together knowing that Autism is a wide and diverse spectrum, and everyone should be able to make an informed decision on what is best for themselves and their loved ones. We provide access to credible resources and referrals to community supports. Whether you are joining to support a person on the autism spectrum (directly or indirectly) or are an autistic adult, you are more than welcome to be part of our membership. We value and listen to our membership and hope to amplify their voices and connect the community. 

    By becoming a member of AutismBC, you can access to the following valuable programs, services, supports, and events. 

    Membership includes access to:

    • Information & Resources referral services
    • Community Support Groups across BC
    • Social Clubs
    • AutismBC Goes Community Events
    • Discounts on Workshops and Trainings
    • Membership Ticket Giveaway
    • AutismBC Newsletter
    • Autism Lending Library
    • Connection to the largest Autism Membership in British Columbia

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