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Community and Society

Join our members, because “we get it” and we’ve been there.

Community Membership
By becoming a community member of AutismBC, you gain access to valuable programs, services, supports, and inclusive events! 

Community Membership includes access to:

  • Referral options for services

  • Community support groups 

  • Vetted, credible information & resources 

  • Inclusive social clubs 

  • Free ticket giveaways 

  • AutismBC Goes Community Events 

  • AutismBC Talks information sessions

  • Discounts on workshops and trainings 

  • Region-specific AutismBC Newsletters 

  • Connection to BC-wide autism community

AutismBC members having fun

Society Membership
AutismBC society members have all the same benefits as Community Members and a direct hand in shaping the organization’s direction.

Society Members are able to:

  • Vote at general meetings on issues affecting AutismBC and its members (recognized under the Societies Act of BC).

  • Pursue a director position on the AutismBC Board of Directors and/or be part of electing AutismBC’s directors.

  • Share feedback with AutismBC’s leadership through annual surveys and member engagement activities.

When you become an AutismBC Society Member, your contact information can be accessed by other Society Members (according to the procedures in the Societies Act of B.C. Section 24 (1)).

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