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Bobbi Taylor (She/Her)

Program & Events Manager

Energetic, Welcoming, Thoughtful

I have four amazing children. The older two were diagnosed on the autism spectrum before the age of four. They have paved the way for my continued learning about diverse needs. All four of my children live with varying degrees of support needs.

I have learned so much from them, which has helped me build my skill set in supporting others around the province. I have been on many ministry advisory committees and helped advocate for more funds for those with complex health needs. I have also done personal development in Truth and Reconciliation, Trauma-Informed Practice, Conflict Resolution, and many other teachings. I try hard to lead by example and help amplify the voices of self-advocates and parents.

As much as people think I’m a social butterfly,  I’m really more of a homebody and a really good phone friend. It takes a lot of energy to socialize in person. 

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