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Kristen Hovet

Director (She/Her)

Determined, Curious, Empathic.

I am a late-diagnosed autistic individual living with chronic health conditions in the Fraser Valley. About a year after my autism diagnosis, I started The Other Autism — a platform to discuss late-diagnosed autism, the female autism phenotype, and the latest findings in autism research, and to help challenge harmful myths and stereotypes about autism. The Other Autism began as a private Facebook group, then blog posts and articles, and most recently a podcast by the same name. I work as a full-time research communications specialist for BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute and am pursuing a Master of Health Studies degree, with a focus on health research and policy. I am thrilled to be involved with AutismBC alongside passionate professionals, advocates, and self-advocates — all working together to help remove barriers to autistic individuals’ full participation in society. I represent and advocate for those diagnosed with level one autism during adulthood, autistic individuals with co-occurring health conditions, and those who identify with the female autism phenotype (even if they don’t identify as female!).
In my spare time, I love going to concerts, reading, travelling, and working out.


BA and MHS (2023)

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