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Suzanne Perreault

Executive Director (She/Her)

Compassionate, Transparent, Passionate

Before becoming Executive Director of AutismBC, I worked as a woman’s counsellor focusing on neurodiversity, DEI consultant, TEDx speaker, disabilities advocate, and former School Trustee. I’m also autistic and parent to three autistic young adults, bringing a unique perspective to my work. With over 18 years of community involvement and mentorship, I support neurodivergent families through an anti-oppression lens. I’ve worked with schools and educators on Inclusion and Trauma-Informed Practices, aiming for fair and equitable access to education. My efforts have been recognized with nominations for the Community Impact Award with AutismBC and the Diversity Award from the Fraser Valley Cultural & Diversity Awards.

I am almost as much of an introvert as I am an extrovert. As I mature, I am sure I am more introverted but most people couldn’t “read” that on me.


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