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Zach Salazar

Events and Admin Assistant

Honest, Thoughtful, Thorough

As a neurodivergent person on the autism spectrum, my view on accessibility has changed a lot over time. Despite being in my mid-20s, I have only recently had the privilege of experiencing some of the more accessibility-friendly sides of the places I’ve lived in. The major shift in my perspective, I’ve come to realize, is that the traits or quirks that make us who we are, are just fine as they are. The world is full of people on a massive spectrum with no bounds. Training my brain to always be open to listening and learning is where my process of better connecting with people truly began.

I am someone who loves to travel. My partner and I also have a rescue dog in Vancouver, and he is the best. He may be anxious about a lot of things, but he’s taught me how to live more in the moment and see past most of the triviality of our noisy city. Soon, I hope to bring him along to travel.

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