Team-Based Treatment

Treatment for autism is highly intensive. It takes a multi-disciplinary team of individuals to make a significant impact and run a well-rounded intervention. No autism therapy is one-dimensional. Treatments require a wide range of tools, services and teaching methods that, in some cases, lie outside the typical medical model of disease.

Creating a solid team can be a challenge. It requires research and planning. While a professional may be highly skilled in one area, such as behavioural analysis, he or she may not be as versed in another, such as language acquisition. Some professionals may be more highly skilled with adult autism and skills building, but not as helpful during the younger years. Autism professionals come and go, but as a caregiver you remain constant in your child’s life. It is your role to support your child with the help of a team of qualified specialists.

An autism team typically includes: a Behaviour Consultant, a Behaviour Interventionist, a Pediatrician, a Registered Psychologist, a Psychiatrist, Educators and a Speech-Language Pathologist. Of course you will have the opportunity to consult outside of this list, for example: other parents, professionals from the Ministry, Special Education Assistants… the list goes on and on. Below you will find relevant video testimonies from a variety of professionals in the autism field. We hope you find them interesting and useful.