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Band 13th Floor’s Journey on Employment and Adulting

January 26th, 2021


For Allies, autistic adults, caregivers

Juggling hobbies, friendships, and a job hunt are never easy, so we sat down with the members of 13th Floor to learn how they manage to balance all the tasks associated with Autistic Adulting and how they thrive doing so.

You may remember 13th Floor from their amazing performance at the 2020 BC Autism Awards show. In between gigs and band practices, band members Adam, Ryan, and Erik, are also entering the job market and finding their way through the Autistic Adulting world. Read on below for their journey in employment as young autistic adults, and don’t forget to watch their live interview at the end (Hint: there’s a performance!)

Adam Levy (Rhythmic Guitar, Vocals)

“I work for Goodbye Graffiti and Goodbye Garbage. What I enjoy the most about my job are the people and the environment, and the sweeping and mopping. Through my job, I learned that the neighbourhoods are close together (Strathcona and other neighbourhoods). I learned about people’s houses and yards and mailboxes when handing out flyers. During work, there are some accidents that happen, like spilling paint or getting cut on sharp objects. I feel proud when I get all my duties done. If you have diverse abilities and are looking for work, there are jobs at Goodbye Garbage. Go get interviewed by Perry Domm!”


Adam in his work uniform with Goodbye Graffiti. (Photo Credit: Goodbye Graffiti’s Instagram)
Ryan Chilton (Electric Guitar, Lead Vocals)

“I work as a Guest Experience Guide at FlyOver Canada. My main position is guiding the guests through the attraction. The best part is meeting guests and talking to them as I take them through. The most important thing I learned in my job is to remain calm when dealing with anything unusual. The biggest challenge for people with autism is finding employment with a company or organization that embraces differences and values diversity. I’m very fortunate to work at FlyOver Canada. I am proud of the recognition I have received from guests and team members. I was Employee of the Month in April 2016 and September 2020.”


Ryan at work.


Erik Bellia (Drums, Bass, Vocals)

“I am a student at VCC. I participate in their Career Awareness program that helps adults with diverse abilities “explore employment options and gain practical experience in community-based work settings” (VCC, 2021). In this program, I have learned about resume writing, interviews, health and safety, and Google Maps. I did work at the PNE for two years and did Work Experience at Bluenotes, Old Navy, and Winners. I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends and learning about how to get a good job that is a good fit for me. When I did Work Experience, I really liked working with other people, helping customers, and taking transit to work by myself. I have learned how to be responsible and being on time for my Work Experience. I learned how to be friendly to customers and be very helpful and working with team members. Some of the challenges at work are losing focus so I have to focus on the tasks that I am doing to not get distracted. What I feel most proud of are my bandmates and my music, also my family members too. I work really hard in school and help my friends whenever I can. I hope you can find your jobs by doing your best, working hard, staying focused, be friendly to others, and never give up.  Also, don’t forget to stay safe.”

Erik on drums during a performance.


We hope 13th Floor inspires other young adults on their Autistic Adulting journey!


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