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Theme Resources: Accessibility

Nov 27th, 2020

Accessibility means different things to different people!  We recently asked our team what accessibility meant to each of them and got a variety of responses. Here are some of their interpretations:

Amanda: Creating programs and environments that are free from barriers and proactive in providing supports. Every person is included and their possible needs are considered and accommodated.
Jake: Striving to create a world where EVERYONE’S freedom of movement, use of public spaces, and ability to participate in their communities is an absolute right, not an accommodation!
Lisa: No physical, financial, or other barriers to participation.
Julie: Open to EVERYONE. ALL are WELCOME.
Brock: Products, programs, and information are usable by people with the widest possible range of ability.
Stella: The ability to use, obtain, or participate without any kinds of barriers 
Lindy: Barrier-free, able to participate and obtain available resources, programs, and support.

We know there are many resources pertaining to accessibility and hope that we are able to highlight some of them you may find useful.  If you know of resources that aren’t mentioned here but should be included please contact us!

Sensory Friendly and Accessible Spaces

COVID-19 has made going outside the home a lot more stressful for individuals, especially since masks were made mandatory in public spaces. Here are some resources that may help you navigate the changes or better advocate for someone in your life:

Service Dogs

Have you read Mac Walsh’s AutismBC Connects? Maybe they will inspire you to bring a dog into your family to make spaces less overwhelming and more accessible?


Earlier this year, we partnered with TransLink on a Mobility Guide and Accessible Transit Tool. You can read about it here.

Have you seen our AutismBC Talks with Translink regarding its COVID-19 changes? Watch it below.



Do you know if you qualify for ICBC discounts? Find out here.

Air Travel

Flying can be challenging for people with diverse-abilities. Each airline has its own policies, but all will require a form from your doctor, so please check the appropriate policy before you book your flight. 

  • Westjet
  • Air Canada
  • Did you know that of BC’s International Airports, YVR—Vancouver and YLW—Kelowna, have partnered with CAN to help support members of the autism community? Now you do! Simply click on the airport’s name to learn more. 

Our Funding & Accessibility Services You Need to Know About has a bunch of additional resources including health, community accessibility (including transit and ferries), and region-specific supports.


Our Autism Q and A: Finding Support Services blog has a great list of regional-specific recreational activities. Have a look here and see what interests your family!

Do you love snowsports? Look no further than these incredible organizations:

You may also want to look at the programs offered by the Special Olympics and Canucks Autism Network!


Finances don’t have to be scary. Have you seen our blog about Funding & Accessibility Services You Need to Know About? If not, you should check it out!

If you’re wanting additional supports, you may want to look back on our AutismBC Talks: Money Matters with Dave Taylor or parts one and two of our Facebook Live with Darren Milne of Freedom 55; however, it is worth noting that these resources are pre-COVID-19.

Since COVID-19, you should look into the Disability One-Time Payment and BC’s COVID-19 Support for Income and Disability Assistance.

Our other blogs on Finances:

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) Tips and Resources

Autism Q and A: Disability Tax Credit (DTC)


Navigating the education system can be a challenge for many families. We want to help! Our Back-to-School blog is a great place to find resources. If you have specific questions about IEP’s, click here! Need help advocating for your loved one(s)? Lisa is here to help by sharing her experiences and an email template.

Watch our AutismBC Talks on Inclusive Education with Family Support Institute:

The Holidays

The holidays can be hard on all of us, but 2020 is sure to be harder. Hopefully, these articles can help you find some peace of mind!

General Resources

Do you want to feel more confident about how you interact with people with disabilities or diverse-abilities? Check out this Disability Sensitivity Training Video.

Check out this COVID-19 Ethical Decision-Making Framework that the government is using to determine the best course of action for some of the tough situations brought forward by COVID.

Are you disability aware? Read this article to learn more.

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