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ASD Diagnosis for Adults

Jul 18th, 2020

Looking for Autism Assessment for Adults? 

Currently, in BC, there are no publicly funded systems for adults that are specifically designed to diagnosis autism; however, you could try a few of the following:  

  • Ask your family doctor for a referral to a publicly funded psychiatrist who may be able to provide a suitable diagnosis.  
  • Connect with your local mental health services and inquire about any support services they may be able to offer. Individuals receiving counselling from local mental health services can sometimes get an assessment paid for.   
  • Inquire at a local job placement agency—some have programs for assisting with an assessment.   
  • Contact your local Community Living BC (CLBC) office information and support. 
  • Look at any private assessment options* that may be available.  
  • Connect with peers that may offer support, lived experiences, or other possible options for an autism assessment. 


How do I get an autism diagnosis as an adult?


Current Private Assessment Options in BC* 

Find a Registered Psychologist – BC Psychological Association (BCPA) 

Contact Us for an up-to-date list of assessment providers. 


Peer Connections 

Autistics United Canada (AUC) 

Autism Canada: ASD Central 

Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) 

Autistic Women Victoria BC 

Getting Together on the Spectrum: AutismBC 

Square Peg Society 

Victoria Autism Meetup Group 

Mental Health Resources by Region 

Interior Health Authority: Mental Health & Substance Use Services 

Island Health: Mental Health & Substance Use Services 

Fraser Health Authority: Mental Health & Substance Use Services 

Northern Health: Mental Health & Substance Use 

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH): Mental Health Services 


Looking for More Adult Resources? 

Autistic Adulting 

Housing Supports for Autistic Adults 


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