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Autistic Adults

Cooking tips for autistic adults

June 25, 2024
These cooking tips will make your time in the kitchen more sensory-friendly whether you’re autistic or not!

Understanding autism co-occurring conditions: examples and resources

June 7, 2024
An overwhelming majority of autistic people have some co-occurring health condition, according to our recent survey. Among the most common are anxiety, selective mutism, ADHD, […]

Navigating neurodivergence with Cole Lawrence

June 20, 2024
By recognizing the contributions, strengths, and challenges common to autistic people with mental health conditions, you can help create a society where we feel more valued, supported, and able to thrive.  

Job search strategies for autistic adults

May 23, 2024
Whether you’re considering freelancing, or exploring entrepreneurship, or seeking full-time employment, our goal is to empower you with practical insights to make informed decisions about your job search.

Job interview tips for autistic adults

May 23, 2024
With thorough preparation, practice, and a healthy mindset, you can navigate job interviews with more authenticity and a better payoff. 

Poverty, the Ladder Effect on the Autistic Community

April 24, 2024
If the economy is a ladder and the cost-of-living crisis has pushed everyone down a few rungs, then it’s grounded far too many autistic adults […]

Why autistic adults are living in poverty & why it matters

April 4, 2024
AutismBC exists to empower autistic adults to live their best lives, which they can’t do while stuck in poverty.

Cleaning tips for autistic adults

July 4, 2024
Cleaning can be easier and more enjoyable for autistic adults willing to try out these tips!

Scheduling Tips for Autistic Adults: Tools, planning, and support

February 23, 2024
Scheduling also covers making time for sleeping, waking, eating, and doing chores — and then actually spending that time doing what you set out to do. Eventually, if you keep doing them, they’ll become routines that are easier to adhere to. With time, they could even become comforting. 

Struggling with daily living activities while autistic: Why it happens and how to help

February 1, 2024
Our recent survey of autistic adults found that 74 per cent of participants have difficulty with daily cleaning. Sixty-six per cent found running errands challenging, and 60 per cent struggled with cooking. 

Addressing barriers to neuroaffirming care in BC

January 5, 2024
In a recent survey, we asked autistic adults in BC to tell us about the barriers they faced while accessing neuroaffirming care, and they offered suggestions for what might help them get more support. 

Neuroaffirming mental healthcare for autistic clients

December 5, 2023
Neuroaffirming care can be helpful for autistic adults, but few counselors and therapists are providing it in BC. Rae Morris discusses.
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