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Theme Resources: Back to School: From COVID to IEPs and Beyond

Aug 17th, 2021

Back to school comes with some uncertainty as we move into fall this year and information can often make all the difference. Here are some resources and tips that may help you have a less stressful transition into this school year. 

Back-to-school according to an Autistic Teen: Ask Andrew

B.C. Government Restart & Return to School Plans 


Back to School during Covid-19  


School Resources & Tools  


Online, Home & Distributed Learning 


Individualized Education Plans (IEP)  




 Advocacy & Inclusion  




 Articles & Blogs  


 Events & Workshops  


Region Specific Resources & Supports  


Links to Organizations   

Youth in a classroom. Focus is on a feminine individual in the middle with one student in front of her and two behind. They are all laughing in front of a colourful wall.

Post Secondary Information 


Additional Post Secondary Resources 

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