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Theme Resources: Celebrating Autistic Women

Mar 8th, 2021

For the month of March, we would like to celebrate Autistic Women everywhere! Please check out the list below to learn more about some incredible humans.

We understand the importance of gender expression and we are committed to inclusion. We will be focusing on Non-binary and Autigender content in our June 2021 theme!

Artists & Musicians 

Morgan Grout is a visual artist from Comox, BC.

Jenny Story is a 2D and 3D animator, author, and the 2020 BC Autism Awards Self Advocate of the Year! (BC)

Sylvii is an Australian singer-songwriter.


Keara Farnan (BC)

Kaitlin Smith (BC)

Aspie Writer: Jeannie Davide-Rivera 

Edge of the Playground: Mikhaela Ackerman 

Sarah Hendrickx 


Belinda Fries (BC)

Kristen Hovet (BC)

Nicole Provost, the 2019 BC Autism Awards Self Advocate of the Year (BC)

Rebekah Kintzinger (BC)

SF Walker (BC)

Paige Hennekam (PaigeLayle) (Canada)

Trudy Goold (Canada)

Eileen Lamb (US)

Morenike Giwa Onaiwu (US, BIPOC)

Tiffany Hammond (Fidgets and Fries) (US, BIPOC)

I Am Cadence (US)

Yo Samdy Sam (Netherlands)

What Autistic Women Want You to Know 


Recommended by Autistic Women 

Autistic Women and Nonbinary Network

Neurodivergent Rebel 

Trudy Goold’s Journey and Messages on Stimming and Eye Contact for Autistic Individuals

Spectrum Women “is an international collaboration by and for autistic women” (Spectrum Women Magazine, 2021). 

Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism 

Autistic Experiences of Menstruation 

Reframing Autism 

Girls Club 

How History Forgot the Woman Who Defined Autism, By Lina Zeldovich for Spectrum News 

Meet Up Group: Victoria Woman 


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