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Autism Q and A: Disability Tax Credit (DTC)

Feb 26th, 2020

Let’s talk taxes and the disability tax credit…’cause it’s the season! If you have any questions regarding autism and tax, we just might have the answers!

What is disability tax credit DTC?

Does the DTC (Disability Tax Credit) last forever or does it expire?

When you or your loved one qualifies for the DTC, there will be a date listed on your paperwork or your online CRA account stating the expiry. For example, our son was diagnosed at 3, and the DTC said it was good for 5 years. Well, guess what? 5 years later and he was still autistic. We applied again and had no issues getting it renewed. It is now expiring when he becomes an adult.

Some other DTC tips:
  1. Get the DTC if you can! 
  2. You can backdate the DTC up to 10 years, it is worth trying to backdate. 
  3. See if your doctor will backdate to birth or when symptoms arose. 
  4. Consult a professional. 
What to do if you are denied the DTC? 
  1. Flood them with information, reports, and assessments. 
  2. Include all your daily challenges. 
  3. Access your elected Member of Parliament. 
  4. People often don’t realize that the DTC approval is not about the label, it is about how the disability impacts the caregivers and the child/to what degree the child’s disability requires additional support beyond what is expected of a “typical” child their age, especially around daily functioning. 
  5. It is important to address what occurs at home or out in the community, not only what occurs in a work or school environment.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Autism Tax

David Taylor, AutismBC’s board member and a knowledgeable expert in the area of autism money matters, has presented many groups with his “Autism and Taxes” talk and spent many years navigating all the funding options for kids on the spectrum. In this interview, David Taylor, answers some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Autism Tax and Finance he’s come across over the year. Watch the video below:

Can we backdate all the money that we pay the BI? Can we claim them under medical expenses in our income tax? 

If you are using your autism funding to pay for the BI, you can not use that as a tax deduction as you aren’t paying out of pocket. If you are paying above and beyond the autism funding, then I would check with an accountant about if you can claim it, perhaps as childcare or medical expenses. You can also contact Disability Alliance and they provide free tax information.

More resources

Autism Funding in BC is one of the best sites out there that’s totally worth bookmarking! Written by a parent and there is so much more than tax information on this site, find out about RDSPs, BC Funding, Federal Funding, and more.

And here’s a specific post on all things tax:

Tax Time

Online Support Group:

Here are some useful government resources:

Child Disability Benefit

Caregiver Credit


Written by Lisa Watson, Regional Coordinator for Interior BC.


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