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Education Changes in BC 

September 27th, 2021


For Allies, Caregivers, Professionals

Immediate Attention & Action Needed Regarding Education Changes in BC 

Did you know about the changes happening with schooling in BC? 

AutismBC is committed to inclusion and supporting our community. Our members have been asking us for information about the changes happening with schooling in BC. We strive to empower and support, so in an effort to help provide accurate information we reached out to the Ministry of Education and all Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA) in BC.  

Open Letter: 

Changes to BC Online Schools – Follow Up

Follow Up letter from Oct. 21st Meeting with Minister Whiteside

Open Letter: 

Clarity Needed on Changes and Consultation for the 2022-2023 School Year Impacting the Autism Community  

After receiving no response, we have gathered community concerns and included them within an open letter written by Amanda Flentjar and Kaye Banez, whose families are directly impacted.  

Open Letter:  

Immediate Attention and Action Needed Regarding Education Changes  

AutismBC sees the value in taking the time to engage with our community and to learn from their feedback, we hope to support others in doing the same.  

How Can You Help? 

Community Input from Oct 2021

Thank you for sharing your input. Our team has compiled and shared your feedback for the Ministry of Education

Who is Talking About It? 

Protect BC IDL & DL Schools – Facebook Group  

Stories of Exclusion Project – (SoEP Facebook)  


Learn More: 

BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC)  

BC Government Online Learning – This is the best place to find out directly what is happening to online learning this year, what to expect next year, and how to sign up for online learning. (BC Gov 2022).

Current Public-School Policies  

Current Independent School Policies 

Engagement Opportunity: Student Learning in the Classroom 




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