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Federal Election 2021: What you need to know

September 10th, 2021


For For Autistic Adults; Caregivers; Autism Community

As we head into the 2021 Federal Election, we put together some information to help make voting more accessible and less intimidating. From registering to deciding who to vote for, the following blog will help you make the best and most informed choice for YOU. 
Voting Guides:

Accessible Voting Elections Canada

Election Toolkit 2021 — Autism Alliance of Canada 

Accessible Voting Guide — InclusionBC


As members of the Provincial-Territorial Autism Network, we asked major federal parties about their commitment to improving the quality of life of Autistic Canadians and their families through the implementation of a National Autism Strategy. Click here to read our united message. As we get more responses we will post them below so you can make an informed decision for what is best for you, your loved ones, and the autism community: 

Deciding Who to Vote For: 

Communist Party of Canada 

Conservative Party of Canada 

  • The Candidates 
  • Their letter response:
    • “Canada’s Conservatives stands with Autistic Canadians and their families. We support the development of a National Autism Strategy to help Autistic Canadians live full lives.”
    • “This is an important initiative and will provide crucial benefits to Canadians on the autism spectrum, as well as to their families. Conservatives first endorsed the idea of a National Autism Strategy in 2019.”
    • “A Conservative government would prioritize this important initiative and ensure that Autistic Canadians receive the support they need and deserve in a reasonable timeframe. We believe that concrete action is necessary, and the rapid development of this strategy by 2023 is one thing we will do to provide relief to Autistic Canadians and their families.”
    • “This will be accomplished while also prioritizing meaningful, in depth consultation with the autism community. A National Autism Strategy should reflect the real, lived experience of Autistic Canadians and address the diverse set of needs seen in the autism community.”
    • Link to Conservative’s Full Response 

Green Party of Canada 

  • The Candidates 
  • “A Green government will work to create a Canada Disabilities Act (CDA) to express Canadians’ vision of a more equitable society rather than the current confusion resulting from the multiplicity of acts, standards, policies, and programs that prevail.” Green Party platform pg 75-76

Liberal Party of Canada 

  • The Candidates
  • Their letter response:
    • “We recognize the complex and diverse needs of people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and are committed to improving the health and overall well-being of children and adults with autism spectrum disorder. That’s why in April 2021, we announced an investment of $15.4 million over two years in the federal Budget to support the development of a National Autism Strategy by enhancing engagement efforts, supporting additional Strategic Fund projects to address emerging priority needs and improving data collection. Work on the strategy has progressed during COVID-19, and the public engagement process by the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences has ended with the final report to be released in early 2022. We understand the importance of inclusive consultation and have invested $1.46 million to make sure that Canada’s autism strategy is developed in collaboration with the people most impacted by it. We remain committed to continue our work with provinces, territories, families, individuals with ASD, and stakeholders to achieve this objective.”
    • Link to Liberal Party full Response
    • Disability Statement 

Libertarian Party of Canada 

Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada 

Mavrick Party 

New Democratic Party (NDP) 

  • The Candidates 
  • “We will work with Autistic Canadians to develop and implement a national Autism strategy that will coordinate support for research, ensure access to needs-based services, promote employment, and help expand housing options.” NDP platform p.62 

Peoples Party of Canada 


Previous and Upcoming Debates Election 2021 – CTV News 

General Resources 

Elections BC 

Party Platforms and Disability – Disability without Poverty

Federal Elections 2021 Voting Toolkit presented by Autism Nova Scotia


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