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Ask AutismBC: How should I plan for my son when I’m gone?

Sep 13th, 2021

Questions on Autism? Our team has answers. 

“For the past two months, my adult son has been living with me in hospice. He has no siblings or other family members. What should I do to plan for him when I am gone?”

“What happens to my child after I pass on?” is a common concern for parents in our community. Recently, a parent with a terminal illness, who currently resides in hospice with his autistic adult son, asked us this question. Here is Lindy’s response.

I am sorry to hear about your situation, I think it is best to connect with CLBC as soon as possible and talk to your son’s facilitator. If your son doesn’t have a file with them, call the local office and talk to an intake person. For daily support and residential options, CLBC takes care of people with developmental disabilities. Depending on the level of support your son needs, he might benefit from job training and employment support or continued education options. He can call me directly if he is interested in these opportunities. 

There are non-profit organizations that provide advocacy. You can contact InclusionBC  for details. I would suggest looking into Vela Microboard and PLAN. If you don’t have any family members or relatives that can support your son. They might be able to provide resources in that aspect.  

If your son wants to contact me directly, I can walk him through the process of accessing different services and explore different options together. If you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me again.


Lindy, Information Officer

Our team receives many questions from the autism community each week and we strive to support each and every one of them by empowering them with knowledge and our lived experiences. You can reach out to our team here at any time if you have questions or concerns, or if you simply need some guidance and support. 

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