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Understanding autism co-occurring conditions: examples and resources

June 7, 2024
An overwhelming majority of autistic people have some co-occurring health condition, according to our recent survey. Among the most common are anxiety, selective mutism, ADHD, […]

Neurodivergent Apps and Equipment

April 18, 2024
This is an extensive list of tools and apps you can use for yourself, your kids, or your entire family to help you navigate this wonderful, diverse journey of life – that we sometimes have a hard time keeping up with! 

Understanding Executive Function

February 6, 2024
Want to understand Executive function? Executive function (EF) is a term used to describe a set of cognitive skills that are crucial for managing and […]

What Autism-Related Benefits and Taxes can I Claim?

March 18, 2024
Preparing for tax season is a great time to be sure you and your family are receiving all the autism-related benefits, credits, and financial supports […]

Lower Mainland Autism Resources

April 12, 2024
AutismBC is a provincial organization with four regions: Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Interior, and Northern. Each region has its own Regional Coordinator to help local […]

What is neuroaffirming care and why does it matter?

November 30, 2023
In a province where professionals in health, education, social work, and other fields are still catching up with the latest information, it’s crucial to spread awareness and have open conversations about neuroaffirming care. 

What is a Psych-ed? 

January 26, 2024
What is a Psych-ed?  A psychological-educational assessment (often called “psych-ed”) is a formal assessment designed to identify a student’s learning strengths and support needs. A […]

Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) Explained

January 29, 2024
    Important note: This article contains information on a developing topic. PDA is not currently recognised as a diagnosis in Canada and is not […]

Online Learning, Alternative Learning and Homeschool 

February 16, 2024
School Options in BC  Public School  In-person (IP) schools, often referred to as “brick & mortar”, public schools are your local school(s) open to all students. […]

Autism-Friendly Summer Camps and Programs

May 7, 2024
Summer can be the highlight of a child’s year, but it can also be full of adjustments. We have compiled a list of Autism-Friendly Summer Camps, Day Programs, Online Events, and more to help you and your family plan! This list will be growing as we discover additional programs, so feel free to check back regularly. Do you know of a Summer Camp or program that we should have included on this list? Let us know.

12 Tips for Supporting Your Autistic Teen

June 6, 2023
The teen years can be a turbulent time for families and a particularly challenging time for neurodivergent youth. From new social pressures to their changing bodies, autistic teens experience unique social, cognitive, and emotional changes. However, adolescents can thrive during their teen years when supported and safe. 

10 Tips for Hosting Sensory-Friendly Holiday Gatherings

December 13, 2022
Here are some tips for keeping the occasion as sensory-friendly as possible, whether you’ve hosted autistic folks before or not.
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