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Regional Resources

Lower Mainland Autism Resources

December 21st, 2023


For Caregivers, Autistic Adults

AutismBC is a provincial organization with four regions: Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Interior, and Northern. Each region has its own Regional Coordinator to help local residents navigate the autism services in their area.  Anne Honeycutt is our Regional Coordinator for The Lower Mainland. The following list is a guide to Lower Mainland autism resources. We have it divided into sections so you can use the ones that best suit your current needs, or you can reach out to Anne directly!   


**** THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LISTING**** If you have resources that we should share, please contact Anne. 

Become a Society Member! 

We are seeking society members from THE LOWER MAINLAND — By becoming an AutismBC Society Member, you will have all the same benefits as Community Members. You will also be bound by and benefit from AutismBC’s Bylaws, which govern voting, general meetings, electing directors and other governance matters. Click here to learn more. 

Society Members are able to: 

When you become an AutismBC Society Member, your contact information can be accessed by other Society Members (according to the procedures in the Societies Act of B.C. Section 24 (1)). 

Share feedback with AutismBC’s leadership through annual surveys and member engagement activities. 

Pursue a director position on the AutismBC Board of Directors and/or be part of electing AutismBC’s directors. 

Vote at general meetings on issues affecting AutismBC and its members (recognized under the Societies Act of BC). 


Do you have autism funding in place, but are unsure how to access it online? 

Please read the Next Steps After Your Child’s Autism Diagnosis — Autism Q & A, Caregivers — AutismBC 

Instructional Videos on the Autism Portal: 

My Family Services – Overview          

Managing your Autism Funding Account       

Autism Funding Program Dashboard   

Autism Funding Program Request to Pay      

Autism Funding Program Reimbursement      

Indigenous Supports & Services  

Jordan’s Principle | Assembly of First Nations 

Jordan’s Principle makes sure all First Nations children living in Canada can access the products, services and supports they need, when they need them. Funding can help with a wide range of health, social and educational needs, including the unique needs that First Nations Two-Spirit and LGBTQQIA children and youth and those with disabilities may have. 

Jordan’s Principle is named in memory of Jordan River Anderson. He was a young boy from Norway House Cree Nation in Manitoba. 

Wellbeing program – Métis Nation British Columbia ( 

  • The Miyoopimatishihk (Wellbeing) Program is available to children Birth – 8 who are enrolled in the Métis Family Connections Program. Through the Miyoopimatishihk (Wellbeing) Program, families can apply for financial support (up to $5,000 per fiscal year) to assist in the cost of a wide range of services, programs and products, including but not limited to: respite care, speech therapy, assessments, specialized equipment, mental health supports. 

Aboriginal Infant/Child Development & Friendship Centres 

BC Aboriginal Child Care Society (BC Wide) 

Aboriginal Supported Child Development (Program Information) 

Additional Services: 

BCANDS – British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability Society    

Home – Métis Nation British Columbia ( 

Native Courtworker and Counselling Association of British Columbia | A Helping Hand to Justice ( 

Indigenous Child & Youth Mental Health (CYMH) Services – Province of British Columbia ( 

Autism-related Support Services – Families and Adults 

Home – Family Support Institute ( 

Child Development Centre (CDC) and Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD): 


Advocate With Confidence Course – BrainsAbound Learning 

Student Mental Health Toolkit | Stigma-Free Society 

Parent Handbook on Inclusive Education – Advocacy Resources, Inclusive Education – Inclusion BC 

BCEdAccess – Collective action for equitable education. 

HomeLearners Network | Online Learning Activities for Kids & Teens – Online Programs 

The C.O.D.E. Initiative Foundation (  

EmpowerECS: Comprehensive Support for Empowering Youth 

Adult Supports & Services: 

New CLBC Indigenous Relations Facilitator, Brenda Duggan, is learning from and connecting with Indigenous communities, people and families to learn how CLBC can build trusting relationships and culturally safe supports. You can reach Brenda by email [email protected] 

Embrace Autism – Online autism tests for free; to learn more about the full assessment process, watch out Highlights video here:  

AutismBC’s Highlights: Is Self-Diagnosis valid? 

AutismBC Meets – Getting Together on the Spectrum, online Zoom group. Sign up HERE to join the Autistic Adult Mailing List and receive emails and communications for upcoming events. Meetings take place on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month from 5:00 – 7:00 pm PST.    

Mental Health – Free and low-cost counseling options available.  

Home Page | Anxiety Stress and Autism Program (ASAP) ( 

Medications | Kelty Mental Health  

Medications for Irritability of Autism | Kelty Mental Health  


BC Association of Clinical Counsellors 

Indigenous Child & Youth Mental Health (CYMH) Services – Province of British Columbia (   

FamilySmart – Together-Centred™ for Child & Youth Mental Health  

Private/Contract Service Providers  

Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Vancouver | Coquitlam | Richmond ( 

School Inclusion & Supports  

POPARD – Provincial Outreach Program for Autism and Related Disorders (  

Inclusion BC | Advancing rights. Promoting abilities.  

Canada Student Grant for services and equipment for students with permanent disabilities –  

Financial Help for People with Disabilities | Dial-A-Law (  

B.C. supplemental bursary for students with a permanent disability | StudentAidBC  

B.C. access grant for students with permanent disabilities | StudentAidBC  

Canada Student Grant for services and equipment for students with permanent disabilities –  

Repayment assistance plan for borrowers with a permanent disability | StudentAidBC  

BCEdAccess Society | Facebook  


Don’t forget to check out our back-to-school blog here! 

Professional Development: 

AutismBC Community Trainings 

Mental Health Awareness |Community Presentations | Stigma Free Zone ( online training program, they provide companies of all sizes the training, tools and programs to end the stigma of mental illness in the workplace. They are striving for a world without stigma – one workplace at a time. 

Autism Essentials | Reframing Autism A free self-study course written by Autistic people and informed by research.  

CIRCA Pro-D Programs — Four online professional development (Pro-D) programs in Autism and Neurodiversity for professionals in Human Resources and Business, Dentistry, Primary Care / Physicians, and Early Childcare. 

Lower Mainland Health Authority & Government   

Vancouver Coast Health Authority 

Fraser Health Authority 

Developmental Milestones  
Therapeutic Riding & Equine Therapy 

BC Therapeutic Riding Association 

Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association  

NFP/ Charity Organizations  

Hope Air 

Aide Canada 

BC People First Society 

Social Diversity for Children Foundation  

Autism Navigator  

Respite Support Virtually 

myCommunity BC 

Family Support Institute of BC 

CAN – Canucks Autism Network 

ACT – Autism Community Training 

Variety Children’s Charity – Autism Assessments  

A.C.E. | Activity Centre for Empowerment | Prince George (  

Purpose Society 

Ways to Access Services (air, train, bus, ferry, etc.)  

TransLink Accessibility  

Check out our comprehensive travel accessibility blog here! 

Facebook Groups & Pages  

BC Families with Autism  

Homeschooling With Autism In BC  

Autism Canada ASD Central 

B.C. Autism Advocacy 

2.0 Redefining Autism-Neurodiverse Families in BC 


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