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Joni Oldhoff on Systemic and Intergenerational Poverty

April 16, 2024
We hear a lot about intergenerational trauma, but we rarely talk about the trauma of intergenerational poverty.

Why Pink Shirt Day is Important to me as an Autistic Person

February 29, 2024
For Anthony, an autistic adult community member, Pink Shirt Day is important because it raises the topic of becoming allies to the disability community.

NeuroHub App Helps Map Sensory Friendly Places

December 19, 2023
When his daughter was diagnosed with autism, Leo Lagnado created a free app that allows autistic people and caregivers to find and rate sensory-friendly places. […]

Symbia Barnaby, Indigenous Storyteller and Neurodivergent Mother

March 20, 2024
“An Elder helped me to look at my child in a completely different way. It was so liberating because of the Western view I come from in my medical background. It helped me to understand the distinction between a medical model and then a holistic wellness model and it started to unravel some of my ideas about disability”

Being 2-Spirit & Autistic with Cole Lawrence

March 20, 2024
Being 2-Spirit and AuDHD has allowed me to embrace myself, connect with my cultural heritage, and find a sense of belonging.

Reframing shameful thoughts as an autistic adult

March 20, 2024
Reframing shameful thoughts can help you feel better about yourself as an autistic adult, a self-advocate says.

Working a Seasonal Job at Playland and the PNE Fair

February 29, 2024
“For thirteen years, I’ve been working at Playland & PNE. As an Autistic worker, I’m sharing with you my experience working there.”

Late Not Less: Adult Autism Assessment Is Prohibitively Expensive

February 27, 2024
Getting an adult autism assessment can be a lot to deal with late in life. Liv Robinson shares their story of late diagnosis.

Late Not Less: Autistic Adults Are Frequently Misdiagnosed

April 19, 2023
Megan Flamand, an Indigenous Child and Youth Care Worker for Surrey Schools in BC, talks about her realization of being autistic after being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

Late Not Less: Not Enough Clinicians Are Trained to Assess Adults

April 14, 2023
Shannon saw many clinicians in her journey to diagnosis. See just how much misinformation she had to wade through.

Late Not Less: Autistic Adults Need Supports

May 18, 2023
Caroline shares how she realized she is autistic and why she feels she will remain self-diagnosed.

Late Not Less: Stigma and Ableism Keeps Support Out of Reach

February 27, 2024
Kristina has had to overcome years of internalized ableism and an identity build around giftness. Discover how Kristina’s asymmetrical development hid their other autistic traits and why their parents overlooked this.
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