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AutismBC Meets and Community Groups

July 8th, 2020


For Caregivers, Autistic Adults

Community Groups are great if you are looking to hear or share lived experiences! We share resources, ideas, and insights so all of us leave the meeting feeling more equipped and empowered.
AutismBC Meets 

Meetups are perfect for those of you that want a casual atmosphere to interact with other parents, families, or self-advocates. Come with an open heart and an open mind and you will find your network, and maybe friends for life!

Our Meetups are hosted virtually via Zoom. Please contact the facilitators for more information regarding their specific meetup.

Follow our Facebook Page and check the events page to stay up to date with when coffee meetups are happening. See you there.


Click on the following links to register for AutismBC Online Support Groups:

Once you are registered and join the mailing list you will receive emails from [email protected] with the meeting room link, reminders about upcoming meetings, as well follow-up resource lists even if you are unable to attend. We hope that by sharing the resources that are discussed that you are able to learn from other community members and have the opportunity to share with others. 

Community Groups

**Please note that many community support groups have been put on pause or have moved online as a result of COVID-19. You can reach out to the facilitators for more information**

AutismBC believes in empowering the autism community through connection and knowledge. Our passionate team hosts free, community support groups for people on the autism spectrum and their families across BC. Our groups are safe and open-minded spaces for our community to have conversations and discussions on the challenges they face and to share victories. 

Sharing lived experiences is incredibly powerful in strengthening the autism community. In more remote communities where in-person speakers are not available, we will try to provide free, online information sessions so nobody is left out. We want everyone to be equipped with tools for success via credible information, presentations, and speakers.

We also understand the importance of in-person connections. We want to support local groups to continue to have meet-up groups, so we will do our best to keep this list updated to connect you with the people around you. If you notice any inconsistencies or want to add your meet-up group to this list please reach out to Brock here


  • Autistic Writers Workshop 
    • Facilitator: Wendy  You can find her at @ThShrtStryEdtr and @BookNeurd
    • contact: [email protected]
    • Typical Meeting the 3rd Wednesday of each month 6-8pm over Zoom 
      • autistics-only space. Any genre, 16yrs+, all bodies and brains are encouraged
  • Family Support Insititute (FSI) Various Meetings each with a specific audience and different registration link meetings include: 
    • Newly Diagnosed Autism  
    • Non-Speaking Autism 
    • Dads Supporting Dads  
    • Waiting for Assessment or Services 
    • Single Parent Hang Out 
    • Family Hang Out 
    • And more 
  • Spouses Support Group
  • Neurotypical Adults Married to Aspergers Adults
  • Chronically Queer (CQ) (Independent) 
    • Chronically Queer (CQ) is for 2SLGBTQIA+ people who are neurodivergent, mad, crip, chronically ill, and/or disabled. CQ recognizes that disability is an umbrella term that includes, but is not limited to: physical, sensory, senses, respiratory, cognitive, mental health, learning, temporary, episodic, invisible/non-evident, self-diagnosed, and more.
    • Typical Meeting – 2nd Wednesday of the Month 6-8pm


  • Burnaby (AutismBC) 
  • Vancouver Square Peg Society (Independent)
    • Contact:  Joette or Francine
    • Meetings Zoom 2nd Sunday of each month at 7 pm 
    • Meeting Walk and Talk 4th Friday of each month 2 pm (contact Francine)
    • ASD +18 Women’s Group with Cheryse Bonamis (Normally once a month on a Thursday)
  • Vancouver, Vancouver Aspergers Autism Union  (Independent)
  • Disabled Community Connection Network (North Shore) 
  • Richmond, Richmond Autism Parent Support [RAPS] (Independent)  
  • Richmond, Chinese Support Group (Independent)
  • Burnaby, Chinese Support Group (Independent)
    • Facilitator: Mable 
    • Contact: [email protected]
    • Typical Meeting Time: One Friday a Month 12:15-2:15PM
  • Autism Support Network (Independent)


  • Comox Valley (Independent)
    • Facilitator: Amanda
    • Contact: [email protected]
    • Typical Meeting Time: 1st Thursday of the Month 
  • Sooke (Independent)
    • Facilitator: Sherri
    • Contact: [email protected]
    • Typical Meeting Time: 4th Tuesday of the month 
  • Victoria Autism Meetup Group (Independent)
  • Victoria Society for Children with Autism (Parent Coffee Night)


  • Prince George (Independent, Virtual) 
    • Facilitator: Casey + Teal 
    • Contact: [email protected]
    • Typical Meeting time: last Monday of every month, 7-8:30pm Zoom 
    • We bring in a guest speaker for the first hour then do informal q&a for the last part. It is currently offered online though we may be moving to a hybrid. 
  • Williams Lake (Independent)
  • 100 Mile House (Independent)
  • Family Support Institute of BC(NFP, Virtual) 
  • Williams Lake
  • Smithers 
    • FamilySmart (NFP, Virtual) 
    • Parent Peer Support: Jim Desjardins 
    • Parent Peer Support Worker – Smithers & Bulkley Valley 
    • 1-855-887-8004 
    • Website: www.familysmart.ca
  • Terrace 
    • Family Support Institute of BC (NFP, Virtual) 
      • Reneé Morven 
      • Regional Network Coordinator, NorthWest 
      • Provincial office tel:  604-540-8374 For Family Support referrals 
      • Toll free: 1-800-441-5403 
      • Email:     [email protected]  
      • Website:  www.familysupportbc.com  
    • Terrace Child Development Center (2 locations) (CDC, in-person) 
  • Eby Centre 
  • Quesnel Child Development Center (CDC) 


  • Okanagan Self Advocacy Group (once a month Saturday 1-230pm)

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