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Support Groups: AutismBC Talks

Jul 10th, 2020

AutismBC Talks (formally our speaker series) bring education and awareness to the masses! If you want to hear from an expert, learn something new, or try to get a better understanding of autism, you’ll want to start here. Have a suggestion for about a topic you want to know more about or a speaker that we should connect with let us know HERE. Our community membership ideas guides our program planning. 

Keep an eye on our Events Page, and become an AutismBC Community Member to receive email notifications and reminders about upcoming information presentations. 

Some of our Previous Recorded Talks can be found on our YouTube Channel:


July 2022 – Understanding Disability Benefits, PWD with DABC

June 2022 – What is Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)

May 2022 – What is Floortime Therapy with Little Buddies 

May 2022 – What is PT? Physiotherapy with Kelsey 

May 2022 – What is RDI? Relationship Development Intervention with Gabby

May 2022- Autism and Medication w Dr. Proulx 

March 2022 – AutismBC Pathways to Autism Supports with the UBC Learning Circle

February 2022 – AutismBC Talks: Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) and Disability Tax Credit (DTC) with DABC 

February 2022 – AutismBC Talks: What is Occupational Therapy with Jen 

January 2022 – AutismBC Talks: The Mental Health Literacy Guide for Autism with Jonathan Weiss (Part 1 Presentation)

October 2022 – AutismBC Talks: Adult Diagnosis

June 2021 – Common Toileting Challenges with Katie Rinald

May 2021 – Autism and Sleep with Pam Nease

May 2021 – AutismBC Talks: With Carley from InReach Online Physio

May 2021- AutismBC Talks: with Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) about SERVICES and ELIGIBILITY

April 2021 – Autism Acceptance According to Autistic People

Jan 2021 – Autistic Adult Support with CLBC’s CEO Ross Chilton

Sept 2020 – Inclusive Education and Advocacy w Tracey from Family Support Institute BC

Sept 2020 – Autistic Girls and Women with Gabrielle

Feb 2020 – Autism and Taxes and Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) in BC

Aug 2020 – Social Emotional Learning for Autistic Youth with Bohdanna

May 2020 – Self-care for Autistic Children and Teens with Colleen Fuller

April 2020 – Trudy Goold’s Journey and Messages on Stimming and Eye Contact for Autistic Individuals

April 2020 – Trauma and Inclusion with Suzanne Perreault

Sept 2018 – IEP’s with Bohdanna

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