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Support Their Future: Jenny Story

December 23rd, 2021


For For Donors; Autism Community

This season, please give to the AutismBC Support Their Future Fund to help empower, support, and connect the autism community today.


“Don’t put us in a box”


My autism journey

My name is Jenny Story. I was born Yellowknife, YT and grew up in Vernon, BC. I was diagnosed autistic at the age of three.

I knew I was different from my peers in kindergarten because I got weird looks from my classmates when I had my blanky and my 101 Dalmatians stuffy with me and when I had to go to the learning centre. Since I was different and stood out so much, I did get bullied in school. I also struggled with certain classes, like math. I was lucky to make a few good friends in school who I am still friends with today. After high school, I moved to Vancouver to attend Vancouver Film School for 2D and 3D Animation. Besides being an animator, I am also a published author of the best-selling Fantasy YA Trilogy book series Dysnomia. My mom and I do speaking engagements and book signing events to talk about my book and my autism journey.

Last year, I won the 2020 Self Advocate of the Year Award, and spilt my $1000 dollar prize between a single mother with two autistic children and Spectrum Productions who help autistic individuals who want to become animators.


“I deserve to be treated equally and not be put in a box just because I am autistic.”


Don’t put us in a box

Even though autism is slowly getting shown in a better light, there are still people out there that see autism as a negative thing. Because of some of the bad stigma that is still around, we get put into this box where people make assumptions on what we can and can’t do. I am a human being capable of doing anything just like other folks. I deserve to be treated equally and not be put in a box just because I am autistic.

We need autistic adults as leaders in the community to stand up and share our stories. If we don’t, then how can we expect to make change for a better future and break the stigma around autism? The first step to positive changes is to take action.


Future autistic adults in BC

People around me have helped me become who I am by being supportive, encouraging, kind, caring, loving, accepting me for who I am, and not caring that I am autistic. They believe in me and see the good values in me as a person that can bring good to the world.

My hope for future autistic adults in BC is that they feel valid as autistic people who can feel proud to be autistic and love themselves for who they are. I want them to be able to see the qualities that they can bring to the world. I want them to be treated as equals and for them to be able to accomplish their goals without other people telling them that they can’t do it or thinking that it is impossible.

“The first step to positive changes is to take action.”


Why donate to AutismBC?

AutismBC is there for autistic people and families and they try to show the positive sides of Autism. They spread and share stories around autism, autistic individuals, and families. Whether it’s to give families advice on raising their autistic children or helping an autistic individual with a certain challenge in their life, AutismBC is there for them.


Watch Jenny’s Interview Here:

At AutismBC we strive to support autistic leaders in the community and amplify their voices.

This takes programs that will empower young autistic people, and help them make gains that will support their future to be the leaders and mentors of tomorrow.

We’ve launched the SUPPORT THEIR FUTURE FUND to ensure that we can continue to provide autistic people with programs and supports needed across their lifespan, now and into the future. Your donation extends to reach autistic people throughout the province. It ensures AutismBC will be there for them with the programs and supports they need now and into the future. Programs like AutismBC Goes, AutismBC Meets, AutismBC Talks, and the AutismBC Online Resource Blog that shares important information, creates awareness and connects people throughout BC.

You can make a lasting difference with your donation this holiday season. Please give to the Support Their Future Fund today! 

On behalf of everyone at AutismBC, thank you!


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