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TransLink Mobility Guide and Accessible Transit Tool

September 11th, 2020


Our friend and partner Evelyn Beckett, Director of Innovation + Technology from Beckett 3D Studio designed a 3D Bus Tool for our members. Users of the virtual bus tool will be able to practice boarding a bus through Virtual Reality, on a desktop computer, or on a mobile device. The tour contains information about each aspect of a TransLink bus with explanations, photos, and links to useful resources built in.

 The virtual bus tool can be accessed:

TransLink Bus Tool 

Why should we give this tool to our members? It provides a detailed visual layout of everything that you would encounter when you board a bus. For many individuals on the spectrum who are visual learners and thinkers, it provides them with a solid idea of what to expect when taking the bus.

How can this tool help to prepare people to use the bus independently? For individuals on the autism spectrum who get anxious not knowing what a new experience will be like, this tool shows them exactly what to expect when you ride the bus. Going over this tool with a caregiver or support person prior to a person taking their first independent bus trip should help make them feel more secure and confident of a safe, successful trip

This 360-degree virtual tour of a TransLink bus is meant to be used in addition to the Mobility Guide Resources provided by TransLink. A series of eight videos for using the accessible transit system in the lower mainland are available.

More TransLink Videos Here

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