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Young Adult Social Time, Social Group (Nanaimo)

July 10th, 2020


Young Adult Social Time (YAST) groups provide a place for participants to meet and talk with others in an environment that is understanding and non-judgemental. Through weekly check-ins, participants share and compare life experiences, challenges, and successes. A variety of facilitated activities gives participants opportunities to expand their social and healthy living skills so that they develop long term connections, both through YAST and in the broader community. This program is run by the Nanaimo CDC.

This program is run in 8-week cohorts to bring people together to connect. People who have completed two cohorts of time with the group often return as volunteers to continue to connect with the participants.

“The smile that she comes home with is worth so much to us as parents. Our daughter talks all week about the group and can’t wait till next week’s session. So great for her mental health and ours as a family—we don’t have to worry when she is at YAST, as no one there will take advantage of her innocence and lack of safety boundaries. This group was a blessing for her and us as parents.”

“When he first went he sat away from the group. He now runs in & shakes hands! This is a huge success for him.” Parent of YAST Participant

Location: Nanaimo, BC

For more information or to join the next online cohort, email Kimberlee.


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