Staff Spotlight: Brock Sheppard

By Maddie Bonser

    Since Brock joined our team as the Program Manager in July, we’ve been incredibly lucky! He has brought energy, humour, a big smile and GREAT snacks into the office every day. His background in team building and camping makes him a natural leader and a great storyteller.  

    “I started working at Outdoor Education after graduating from university. I had long hoped that I would have a ‘Walden By The Pond’ moment someday – you know, that EUREKA! awaking which would give my life a clear direction. Working a 15+ hour day did not give me a lot of time for self-reflection, but at least I found out that I was very good at what I did: working with people, team building, and expecting exceptional results. 

    “I began working full time with children on the spectrum as a Behaviour Support Worker in North Vancouver. I wanted to see if I could do more to support families and develop programs for the autism community and that led me to join the team at AutismBC! “ 

    “Since I have been in Vancouver, I have been avidly exploring the mountains and surrounding areas.” 

    Brock’s love for the outdoors sprang from growing up near the lakes of Kabakwa and Boshking in Ontario, so it’s no surprise that he enjoys the breathtaking hikes that British Columbia has to offer. His favorite hike is Eagle Bluff Trial, high above West Vancouver, which offers panoramic views of Lighthouse Park, Horseshoe Bay, and Point Grey. 

    When Brock isn’t in the Pacific Autism Family Network building, or on a hike, you may find him at Fishworks Canoe Oyster Bar near Lower Lonsdale. He loves the fresh specials made with Ocean Wise products and the homemade chocolate truffles. Brock is also an accomplished cook, baker and swimming enthusiast who can also be found playing Nintendo games and relaxing in one of the many forested areas the greater Vancouver area has to offer.  

    As the Program Manager at AutismBC, Brock’s responsibilities include supporting our Information Officers and Regional coordinators, building partnerships with organizations to further develop our support programs, and ensuring our education and training workshops reach as many communities as possible.  

    ‘I was excited to join AutismBC as it has a provincial reach with many community groups, social groups, regional information officers that have been with the organization for multiple years. With grassroots local connections, I see opportunities to bring programs to more communities ensuring we can help and support family’s through all steps of the autism journey. I think that is what sets AutismBC apart.”  

    Brock’s experience and desire to see greater support for individuals with autism and their families, joined with the expertise of our dedicated staff, incredible volunteers and wonderful facilitators across the province means it’s an exciting time for our Program Team, and we can’t wait to see how they grow and expand.  If you could like to learn more about our programs, or maybe there is a need in your community please reach out and speak to Brock.  

    For now, though; Welcome to the team Brock, we are glad to have you!