Carly’s Third Party Fundraising Story

By Test Account
  • Carly did a fundraiser at Milestones for a school project that entailed 100 hours dedicated to a service learning project to give back to the community.  

    She had previously worked at Milestones so she used her connections to request a venue. Her next step was figuring out an organization to fundraise for. After contacting multiple organizations, she came in contact with Becs Brocken, AustimBC’s fundraising and marketing manager.  

    Her fundraising efforts was in partnership with Milestones as they donated 10% of food sales to her fundraiser.  


    She had a local artist attend the event and do a live painting, which once finished was auctioned off. There was also a silent auction, and a 50/50 raffle.  

    She began planning her fundraiser at the beginning of her course in January, and had the event take place in March. 

    Carly’s co-worker had previously done fundraising for AutismBC, so he was able to connect Carly directly with Becs which made the approval process quite smooth for her.  

    The silent auction is what Carly felt took the most work. She found it difficult to mail the ask letters in order to ask companies if they were willing to donate any prizes for her auction. She also expressed how the companies that she reached out to, all wanted to donate and then she had to spend a day driving around the Lower Mainland collecting the donations.  

    She also hadn’t thought about coordinating what would happen once someone one something in the private auction, so she advises planning how prizes will be delivered or picked up ahead of time so the end of your event can run smoothly.  

    Carly mentioned that a reason her event was successful was in part due to how many moving parts there were at her event which allowed the attendees to be entertained throughout the whole evening. She recommends that anyone who is hosting a fundraising have different avenues of entertainment, which leads to more successful donations.  

    She also stated “Some advice I would have for future AutismBC fundraisers is to have a target other than raising money.” For her fundraising event, AutismBC came to Milestones prior to the event and spoke to the staff about ASD, and opened up the discussion to a group of people who admittedly did not know a lot about ASD before. “In addition to fundraising, make it an educational process for everyone involved.  

    They did sensory dining from 4-6 pm for her event.  

    Overall, her fundraiser was an enormous success in regards of education, acceptance and fundraising for autism and the public. Carly raised a total of $6,777.00 for AutismBC. 

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