Meet an Excellent Employer. Evans Consulting: Shortlisted for 2018 Inclusive Employer of the Year.

By Becs Brocken
  • “On my own personal journey, I wish I had known how successful and wonderful our outcome with autism would be. I wouldn’t have worried so much when my daughter was younger had I known that the negative perceptions of others was due to a lack of understanding.  She has a beautiful sparkle and her strengths are amazing. Each one of our kids has that sparkle and Evans Consulting is all about helping that sparkle shine.”

    Shareen Evans started her autism journey in 2002 when her daughter was diagnosed. In those early days in Quesnel, there wasn’t a lot of support for individuals with autism, but Shareen has been an instrumental part of changing that reality. From acting as a parent-rep. on the Quesnel Autism Committee to developing integrated play groups for her daughter, which led to facilitating a teen social group, Shareen did a lot while working as an Education Assistant for the Quesnel School District. In 2012 she started to do private intervention part-time out of her basement. A few years later, Evans Consulting outgrew her basement and she purchased a house to run full-time services. Today, Evans Consulting has 35 staff members and 100 clients. They just purchased a second house where they run specialized social groups, Pokémon and Dungeon and Dragons clubs, and their daily behavioural intervention activities.

    When asked about the key to Evans Consulting’s success, Shareen answered,

    We just keep shifting and changing and adapting based on the kids and families and what they need to grow. The best thing is seeing the kids and teens want to come to the house. Previously for youth with an autism diagnosis, there seemed to be a lot of anxiety and fear about Behavioural Intervention, but this seems to have dissipated. We call our BI’s “Building Independence” workers. It’s amazing to see the kids connecting with kids that have similar interests to theirs. They are making real connections and friendships. Seeing this evolve in this space has made it all worth while. We also focus on removing the barriers for families, from billing to transportation. We do what we can to make it work so families can concentrate on being families.

    Evans Consulting has grown quickly which has made finding and training staff one of the biggest challenges. But, as the beating heart behind the business, Shareen is focused on the families and providing the support they need, especially around the emotional time of diagnosis. With research and interventions continually improving, the impact is seen everyday under their roof. The Evans Consulting model is working, and the future of the business will remain firmly nestled in the future of autism. Evans Consulting is excellent.

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