Meet an Excellent Employer. Gabi & Jules: Shortlisted for 2018 Inclusive Employer of the Year.

By Becs Brocken
  • Hiring individuals with diverse abilities has been good for business. Their loyalty and dedication as employees are unmatched. We also find that the community wants to work and eat with us because of our inclusive values.”

    Lisa and Patrick Beecroft, founders of Gabi and Jules, are passionate about creating exceptional pies and baked goodness in a collaborative environment inclusive of individuals of all abilities. Based in Port Moody, 6 of their 26 staff members are on the autism spectrum, just like their eldest daughter Juliana. As a company their mission is both personal and professional, they strive to see ability, not a disability, and opportunity instead of obstacles.

    When asked what inspired Gabi and Jules’s inclusive employment strategy, co-owner Lisa Beecroft replied:

    “Our eldest daughter, Juliana has autism, so we know how isolating it can be. We wanted to create a safe place where people of all abilities can be included. Over the years it’s been incredible to uncover how good inclusive employment is for business. Two of our employees show up 1.5 hours early for work everyday because they love being at work. As a small business, we benefit from being able to retain quality employees and it’s so incredible to see how far they have come. Working with the right employment agency is key, because with the right training and support, our employees with autism have become a key factor in our success as a business.”

    The Beecrofts also find that community members seek them out as an employer of choice because of their stance on inclusivity. Overall, they are attracting quality and passionate individuals to their workplace and as customers. But, it isn’t just about giving people with diverse abilities jobs, it’s about creating meaningful employment and ongoing opportunities for growth and development. They work hard to ensure that each of their employees is a valued and integrated member of the team and that everyone is striving for excellence. With this comes a great sense of purpose and pride. Gabi and Jules stands out as an inclusive employer that is invested in finding the solutions necessary to create value for their employees, community and customers. Gabi and Jules is excellent.

    Do you know an excellent employer like Gabi and Jules?

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