Third Party Fundraising Events

  • Third Party Fundraising events have allowed AutismBC to continue to support our 3000+ members by funding through our various outreach programsby funding through our various outreach programs. Although you are responsible for planning and managing the fundraiser, AutismBC will support you with whatever you may need to make your event a success! Thank you for considering to support AutismBC! Below is the information and guidelines for a Third Party Fundraising Event.  

    What is a Third Party Fundraising Event?  

    Volunteer run fundraising events are fundraisers aimed to benefit AutismBC that are planned and implemented by individuals, groups or companies. These fundraising events can range from community fundraisers to work fundraisers, and are a way to connect your community through a great cause and a fun event. Today, 1 in every 46 children aged 6-18 are diagnosed with autism in British Columbia, so there is a large chance someone in your community is on the autism spectrum. Here are some ideas to help spur creativity.



    Previous Third Party Fundraisers:  

    Through our previous experience with third party fundraisers we have gathered advice and information for future third party fundraisers. One being Carly, who threw a fundraiser as a part of a 100-hour school project. Here is her story. 


    In order to become an AutismBC fundraising partner, you will need to be registered with our organization by filling out the Community Fundraising form and telling us more about your event: 

    We can help you!  

    Although you are coordinating the event, we aren’t letting you do it alone. Once you have become a registered partner we would love to provide support and assistance in any area you need. We can also provide a  fundraising kit which includes brochures, posters, donation envelopes and so much more. These will help your event look professional, well planned and share where people’s donations will go.

    We will also assist in promoting your event to the community through our social media pages.  

    Once you have completed the registration form and shared your plans we will be happy to share our logo and brand guidelines with you.  

    We also assist you by providing a template form to gather information of donors who are eligible ($20 or more donation) for a donation tax receipt 

    Where the donations collected will go:  

    AutismBC is a non-profit, registered charity and acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia. We are a parent based and directed society that has been working to provide information and support to individuals and families affected by autism since 1975. Donations to AutismBC go directly to assist us in enhancing and improving the lives of those affected by autism in British Columbia.  

    Contact us!  

    If you have any further questions or would like to know more information about hosting your own fundraising for AutismBC, feel free to contact Becs Brocken at or 1-604-434-0880 ext. 102.