Third Party Fundraising Forms

  • Thank you for your interest in supporting AutismBC with your very own fundraising event. In order to further support you and your fundraising efforts we ask that you complete and submit the following applications. The applications will automatically email and notify our Fundraising Manager at Upon approval of your fundraiser the principal organizer of your event will be asked to sign a Third Party Event Agreement form to serve as a written commitment in accordance with the terms and conditions that AutismBC provides.  

    Step 1- Complete Proposal Form 

    Please complete this proposal form (linked above) information to provide AutismBC with personal contact information as well as a general idea of your proposed event.  

    Step 2- Complete Proposed Budget/Financial Summary 

    Please complete this budget (linked above) in as much detail as possible. Specify which costs/expenses will be underwritten or donated and by whom 

    An actual income/expense accounting is required at the end of every fundraising event. AutismBC reserve the right to review any official accounting records. Upon request, any organization agrees to provide AutismBC with a complete list of monetary and non-monetary donors that includes name, addresses, phone numbers and items or amounts donated. *Donor names will not be sold or used for direct mail or telemarketing purposes* 

    Step 3- Read Guidelines for Third Party Events  

    AutismBC will not support third party initiatives or requests if the organizer or company is indirectly in conflict with our mission. As the event organizer you agree to always promote a positive image of AutismBC to the public and agree to the following Terms and Conditions:  

    As a responsible steward of public funds, AutismBC believes that a reasonable percentage of the gross revenues from all fundraising events should be directed to AutismBCAs a general rule, the standard set forth in the Better Business Bureau guidelines are to keep expenses to 25% of gross revenue.  

    If only a portion of the proceeds will go directly to AutismBC, the “Third Party” must clearly disclose publicly to purchasers, participants, etc. the approximate amount of the dollars and/or percent of the proceeds that will go to AutismBC 

    No portion of the proceeds can be kept as profit or as compensation.  

    AutismBC will not supply any funding to finance a third party event/program and will not be responsible for any debts incurred.  

    All cheques from participants of third party events and programs must be made out to AutismBC, unless otherwise approved.  

    If a separate bank account is being established by the “Third Party” for the event, it must be opened in the “Third Party’s” name, not AutismBC; Autism BC policies do not permit a “Third Party” to establish a bank account in the name of AutismBC 


    The “Third Party” event is responsible for obtaining appropriate insurance coverage, licenses and permits as necessary and in compliance with all applicable laws. AutismBC is not responsible for theft or damage or accidents to individuals or property.  

    Insurance, Licensing and Permits: 

    The “Third Party” will not enter any agreements or contracts using AutismBC’s name 


    The event organizer is solely responsible for 100% of the events administrative requirements.  

    Name and Logo: 

    Our (AutismBC) name can be used on your event collateral and website to announce that we are the recipients benefiting from the net proceeds for your event. Please note that AutismBC has the rights to withdraw its name at any time and will not assume any liabilities for doing so.  

    A “Third Party” logo will be released to all approved third party initiatives. Approval of this logo on any event collateral or advertising must be received prior to being released to the public by AutismBC. 


    The “Third Party” is responsible for all sales, marketing and promotion of their event.  

    AutismBC is not able to mail or email donor or sponsor lists, endorse any products or services and/or provide promotional or advertising support of any kind.  

    The “Third Party” fundraiser is responsible for all prizes, auction items and awards required to support their event.  

    Photo and Video: 

    Any photographs or video submitted by the event organizer becomes the property of AutismBC and can be used in any media promotion or collateral pieces.  

    Staff and Volunteer Support:  

    AutismBC does not provide volunteers to run or attend third party events.  

    AutismBC staff representation at “Third Party” events is by “best efforts”, and consideration is by invite only to support cheque presentation at the fundraiser.  


    All information obtained and used by AutismBC will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and security in accordance with our privacy policies.  

    Tax Receipting:  

    In order to maintain our charitable status, AutismBC must abide by the rules and regulations set-out by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Please do not promise tax receipts to anyone. AutismBC will issue tax receipts that are in compliance with CRA policies.  

    1. CRA ruling does not allow tax receipts to be issued for sponsorship dollars, gifts-in-kind contributions or donated services (I.e. sale of raffle tickets, admission tickets, green fees, auction items and other goods that provide a benefit to donors are not eligible for a tax receipt)  
    1. Sponsorships- by virtue of being a sponsor, the corporation is receiving benefits in the form of recognition and advertising.  
    1. Donations of services- tax receipts cannot be issued for services provide including; personal professional or legal services