Third Party Fundraising Ideas

  • Now that you have considered supporting AutismBC, we would like to get your creative juices flowing as well as inform you about the work that is required to put on a successful and fun fundraiser. An important aspect to fundraising is to create an event that will be appropriate in your environment as well as a fun and exciting atmosphere that will encourage those around you to attend. As an organizer you will be responsible for recruiting individuals to attend your event, speak with your school or company to gain approval and allow the planning to begin. Along with that you will also be responsible for your own insurance, choosing the date and time of your event as well as promoting the event!  

    Although this may sound overwhelming, we are here to help and can provide a letter of support from AutismBC that might be useful when booking a venue ogaining company approval.  

    Now the fun part, selecting what type of fundraising event you would like to host! Here are some of our ideas:  

    Community Fundraisers: sporting events, golf tournaments, car wash, garage sales, pancake breakfasts, BBQ’s, bike race, board game night, video-gaming night, trivia night, eating contest, fashion show, pool party, yard sale, holiday gift wrapping, art class, dog wash.  

    School Fundraisers: school dances, bake sales, in-gym movie night, basketball tournament, dance off, book-swap, carnival, dunk-tank, haunted house, Easter egg hunt, scavenger hunt, hot chocolate sale, lemonade sale, talent show, face paint booth, guess how many jar game, pajama day, popcorn sale.  

    Work Fundraisers: jeans day, bowling parties, company picnics, ice cream social, exercise class, dinner party, 10,000 steps challenge, BINGO night, obstacle course, corn hole tournament, ping pong tournament, coffee sale, thermometer fundraiser, change (coin) drive, karaoke night, walkathon, pot luck, donut sale.