Lights, Camera, Autism

  • A Two-Day Workshop Introducing Broadcasting to Teens

    Course Description
    Lights, Camera, Autism is a highly innovative two-day broadcasting workshop specifically designed for students with autism to develop and strengthen their social skills. Success in today’s workplace depends on the ability to ask questions, empathize, listen to answers and stay focused. By applying the fun framework of ‘broadcast training’, students with autism are highly engaged and motivated to learn and practice social techniques versus the more traditional ‘flash card’, mind map driven approach.

    The curriculum includes:
    ● Interviewing: How to prepare and host an on-camera interview.
    ● On-Location Live Reporting
    ● On-Camera Skills and Tips
    ● Weather Reporting
    ● Critique and Discussion

    Being in front of the camera is one of the most engaging aspects of this program and is highly motivating. The participants learn from watching their practice takes, and with supportive feedback can identify areas they want to improve in, ready for their final interview with a ‘special guest’.

    Lights, Camera, Autism is built to teach essential interpersonal skills inspired by broadcasting. Teachers and educational assistants can then adapt program learning into their daily support of the students. Resources and materials will also be left with schools to further support students and teachers after completion of the program, including online safety resources created by the Telus Wise program team.

    This program was created and is delivered by Katie Bennison.  We are grateful to the Telus Friendly Future Foundation, whose generous donation allowed us to deliver the workshop in the West Vancouver School District in May 2019.  It will be delivered in Vancouver School District, Surrey School District and Coquitlam School District during the 2019/2020 school year.

    See highlights from the Pilot Workshop here:

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