Staff Spotlight: Nicholas Yu

By Becs Brocken

    Last year, our information team at AutismBC handled over 5,000 direct inquiries and provided over 2,500 hours of support to people living in communities across British Columbia.   

    What Amanda, Corey and Lisa (our Regional Coordinators) and Lindy (our Information Officer) don’t know about autism, they seek out, so that the support provided to families, individuals and other community members is accurate and reflective of the community they live in.  With over 60 years of combined experience, the team have an abundance of knowledge from both lived experience and their on the job experience at AutismBC but an ongoing challenge for AutismBC has been; How do we collate all the knowledge, experience and resources of our team, into an easy-to-use database that will allow us to better meet the needs of our growing community  

    This is where Nicholas Yu came to the rescue. 

    Nicholas joined AutismBC as a summer student to work on the Information and Resources Project.  As an incoming fourth year student at UBC, Nicholas’ goal was to acquire a wide range of skills and experience with many different positions in the working world. With an interest in non-profit organizations, shooting hoops, and hiking the wilds of British Columbia, he was looking at opportunities over the summer to engage with organizations that are making positive changes and differences. He saw this position at AutismBC as a chance to work at a great organization and continue to build on his knowledge of information management and nonprofit work.  

    Nicholas was born in Hong Kong, but over the past few years has called Vancouver home. Vancouver caught Nicholas’ attention for various reasons, the most prominent being UBC, where he is currently pursuing a Dual Degree in International Relations and Business Management. Apart from being a full-time student, he loves trying new food with friends and his interest in basketball and hiking, he’s an avid bicyclist and enjoys working out. You can typically find Nick at Kokoro Ramen in downtown Vancouver, or in Kitsilano’s vibrant shopping district and serene beaches.  

    Nicholas has been an amazing contribution to the AutismBC team this summer. We’ve all become familiar with his serious but approachable nature and his inquisitiveness and broad range of interests has helped bolster our information and resources project. As Nick reaches the end of his time with AutismBC, we asked him what he will take away from his summer experience with us and he said Coming into this role, I didn’t know a lot about autism, but I’ve learnt so much from the information team. I am grateful for the opportunity to work here and feel proud that I have been able to take this project from start to finish. I hope it will continue to add value to the team who are supporting so many people across the province.”     

    From all of us at AutismBC, we want to say a huge THANK YOU to Nicholas and wish him Good Luck for the year ahead.