ABA Summer Camps

  • Transitions and lack of structure are often difficult for children with autism. The Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) summer camp is a successful model for dealing with these challenges during the summer months, while maintaining a class like environment. The camp features one to one ABA therapy support alongside outdoor activities and community outings. This camp allows children with autism to continue their treatment during the summer months, which helps ease children back into their school routines in September.

    The ABA Summer Camp has been providing a safe and structured environment for children with ASD during the summer since 2010. The Camp is designed to suit the needs of a variety of children with ASD who are participating in an ABA home program.

    Why the ABA Summer Camp?

    School is a wonderful structured place for a child with autism. Transitioning to a summer with less structure than a typical school year can be incredibly challenging for a child with ASD, and can even lead to regressions in September when school reconvenes. The ABA Summer Camp program allows for customizable structure, as well as 1.5 hours/day of one-on-one time for BIs to work on individualized targets. This structure and individualized support is what sets apart the ABA Summer Camp from other summer programs.

    Who benefits from the camp?

    One of the many benefits of the ABA Summer Camp is the broader community it creates for children with autism and also their behavior interventionists. The camp not only allows children to experience social interaction and friendship throughout the summer, but it also provides the opportunity for BIs and social workers to learn from one another’s knowledge and techniques during the camp experience.

    When does the ABA Summer Camp run?

    Typically, our camp runs through the first 6 weeks of the summer. The hours of camp will reflect a typical school day: 9:00am to 2:30pm, Monday through Friday during the summer. Students are welcome to sign up for any number of weeks, and can stay for the entire duration of the 6 week camp period.

    Our Partners

    Our partners make the ABA Summer Camp possible. This summer, we are pleased to be partnering with the Surrey School District and the camp will be held at a South Surrey elementary school (site to be determined).

    Who can attend?

    The ABA Summer Camp is open to students who meet the following three criteria:

    1. The student is participating in an ABA home-based program with a BCBA providing supervision
    2. The student is, at youngest, entering kindergarten the September following camp and, at oldest, entering grade 10 the September following camp
    3. Priority registration will be given to students in the Surrey School District, but out of catchment registrations will also be accepted.

    How can I apply?

    If you are interested in sending your child to camp, please fill out the application form. The ABA Summer Camp team will review the application forms. If your application is approved, you will be sent a link to complete a liability waiver and to submit payment.

    Application Form – Coming Soon!


    Activities and Outings

    Camp leaders plan daily activities and outings for the students. A typical day’s activities might include crafts, snack time, art class and trips into the community. It is important to note that many of the outings involve water, e.g., water parks, pools, beach, and so support staff will need to be comfortable with water.

    Personalized Learning Goals

    In addition to the camp activities, there will also be approximately 1.5 hours during the day for students to work on one-on-one targets with their behavior interventionist. Most often, one-on-one will take place in the morning, with outings to follow most afternoons, and 1 day will be a longer outing.


    Early Registration (April 15th to May 31st): $100 per week
    Regular Registration (After May 31st): $125 per week

    What about Support Workers?

    Families are responsible for recruiting, training and paying their own support staff to accompany their students.

    About the Camp Directors

    Leah Mumford, M.Ed., BCBA

    Leah Mumford is a Behavior Consultant who has worked with children and youth with ASD since 1998. Her work focuses on creating collaborative and dynamic ABA programs in homes and schools.  One of her passions is teaching social skills and building capacity for friendships between individuals with autism and their communities. She has taught on various topics such as social skills, parent support and Special Education Assistant (SEA) training at conferences and workshops throughout the Lower Mainland. Along with Dr. Sara White, Leah has facilitated Autism BC’s ABA Summer Camp for children with autism since 2010.

    Dr. Sara White, PhD, BCBA-D

    Dr. Sara White is currently the Clinical Director of the Sendan Center’s Autism and Behavioral Services.  She completed her master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of the Pacific in 2000 and doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Binghamton University in 2005.  She currently works with clients in British Columbia, Washington, and Alaska providing home and school consultation to children with developmental disabilities and disruptive behavior disorders as well as office and home-based cognitive behavior therapy for children with anxiety disorders. She has presented the results of her research and clinical work at professional conferences such as the Association for Behavior Analysis and the Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy on topics ranging from interventions to improve employee motivation, to techniques to improve acquisition rates in children with autism. Dr. White has also presented several workshops on behavior management techniques to parents, school personnel, and health care professionals.

    For more information on the camp the ABA Camp Facebook page or email Leah at lmumford@autismbc.ca