ABA Camps

  • Transitions and lack of structure are often difficult for children with autism. The Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) camp is a successful model for dealing with these challenges during the school breaks, while maintaining a class like environment. The camp features one to one ABA therapy support alongside outdoor activities and community outings. This camp allows children with autism to continue their treatment during the school breaks, which helps ease children back into their school routines. 

    The ABA Camp has been providing a safe and structured environment for children with ASD during the summer since 2010. In 2018, the Camp started offering a spring camp. The Camp is designed to suit the needs of a variety of children with ASD who are participating in an ABA home program.

    Camp eligibility:

    1. Student is in a home-based ABA program run by a BCBA.
    2. Parents will recruit, hire, train and pay their own Support Worker to accompany their child to ABA camp. *

    If you meet the criteria above, please email lmumford@autismbc.ca to request the link to register for the camp.

    * Parents may not accompany their own child to ABA camp, unless their BCBA can write a letter of support that the parent is fully trained in the child’s ABA home program.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • For more information on the camps please email hello@autismbc.ca

    For other camps please refer to the 2019 camps page.