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  • Transitions

    Transitioning from adolescence to adulthood and the community beyond high school can be a trying time for youth – particularly for those with ASD.  They can face many challenges related to health and support services, education, housing options and community perceptions. These challenges can result in limited social, vocational and recreational opportunities.

    Comprehensive transition planning can help to address the challenges and maximize the potential for each person to live a full and meaningful life.  It is a collaborative process that requires cooperation between the individual, family, teachers, community members and adult service providers.  It is specific to the interests and abilities of the individual, includes both long and short-term goals, and identifies the supports that will be necessary to achieve these goals. Thoughtful planning, good information and open communication can result in a solid plan that leads to success.

    Start Early

    By starting the transition planning process as early as possible (ideally age 13 to 14) it allows time to prepare and implement a plan that can effectively address the challenges of preparing for adulthood.

    It’s Never Too Late

    Making positive changes for young adults can be done throughout adolescence and into early adulthood.  Not all families are able to make specific transition tasks happen exactly when they would like them to occur.  No matter when you start, or how old your child is, the Launch transition planning program will be valuable to you.

    The Launch Program

    The Launch Program, an initiative of The Sinneave Family Foundation and delivered in partnership with AutismBC, was developed to help families prepare for and respond to key life transitions.  It is focused on discovering personal strengths and areas for growth based on an individual’s interests, abilities and needs. It offers training and navigation support to families to help create Individualized Transition Plans by answering three questions:

    (1) Where are we now? (Assessment)

    (2) Where do we want to go? (Goal Setting)

    (3) How do we get there? (Implementation)

    Launch Domains

    Launch helps parents to recognize the broader context in the transition from adolescence to adulthood to maximize opportunities for successful and independent adult living, Launch helps parents to consider their child’s level of functioning and knowledge in five domains:

    • Health and Well-Being
    • Education and Employment
    • Communication and Social Relationships
    • Independent Living Skills and Self-Advocacy
    • Legal and Financial Issues

    Parent and Youth Workshops: Launch into Life!

    We are pleased to offer the Launch Into Life! workshop series that helps families to create an Individualized Transition Plan by:

    • providing valuable information in the five domains
    • understanding individual skills and abilities of your adolescence in the five domains
    • identifying key goals that need to be achieved to reflect the future everyone is aspiring to
    • putting the transition plan into action by identifying resources and people that can help
    • creating a community of support to help along the way

    Who should attend? Families and young people (13+) living with ASD and other developmental disabilities.  Youth attendance is not mandatory, but welcome.  Youth who do choose to attend, will participate in a facilitated breakout session to identify their goals and create a shared vision.

    Click here to see when the next schedule workshop will take place.

    If you have questions about this program please email or call 1-888-437-0880.


    AutismBC Launch Resource Guide

    DOWNLOAD HERE (available in January 2018)

    The AutismBC Prepare to Launch Resource Guide offers useful information on how best to manage this transition for parents who wish to better understand the process of navigating the transition between the teenage years and young adulthood.  The primary material is organized into the five Launch domain areas and contains:

    • Information and practical advice about each domain
    • A Transition Planning Timeline highlighting important tasks at various ages and stages of development
    • Resources and programs for each domain area
    • References to other guides, online reports and books

    Video Modules (coming March 2018)

    Online Transition Planning Tool (coming March 2018)



    AutismBC is dedicated to the advancement of promising practices geared to a growing population of adolescents, adults and families living with ASD. In 2016, we reached out to Dr. Katelyn Lowe to discuss the opportunity to bring the Launch Program to British Columbia.

    Thanks to generous support from Dr. Lowe, The Sinneave Family Foundation and various other funders we welcome Launch Into Life™ to BC families.  We would like to thank the authors of the guide Katelyn Lowe, PhD, PRsych and Mark Attridge, PhD, MA for the authorship.

    The Guide was adapted for British Columbia by AutismBC in partnership with representatives from the Kinsight (formerly Simon Fraser Society), Coquitlam School District #43 and Nidus Personal Planning Registry and Resource Center.

    The original Guide was reviewed by families participating in the Launch Program at the Ability Hub and prepared in collaboration with representatives from: Calgary Board of Education, Calgary Catholic School District, Calgary Independent Schools, Conseil Scolaire du Sud de l’Alberta and Rocky View Schools. Copyright © 2017. The Sinneave Family Foundation.

    For More Info:

    For more information about AutismBC or to speak to an Information Officer please call (604) 434-0880 / 1-888-437-0880 (toll free) or email