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Writing Workshop

Editing Skills for Self-Advocates—From First Draft to Publication

Revising advocacy writing is much more than just grammar and spelling. Crafting an impactful piece from your first draft is less about the mechanics of writing than it is about making difficult ideas relatable, skillfully putting words to your most challenging emotions, and captivating a compassion-fatigued audience. Even with the first draft on paper, it can feel like an overwhelming task. In this ongoing, four-part series Editing Skills for Self-Advocates—From First Draft to Publication, you will learn valuable skills for every step of the revision process.

Part 1: Developing your ideas (January)

Part 2: Organizing your content (April)

Part 3: Honing your writing style (July)

Part 4: Navigating writing rules (October)

The four parts are designed to stand alone so that you can jump into any session.

Who: New and experienced writers are welcome to join Lisa Hislop, professional editor and autistic self-advocate, for Editing Skills for Self-Advocates—From First Draft to Publication

What: In this two-hour workshop, we will work together to arrange the content of one participant’s draft into a compelling order that satisfies the reader and inspires them to share what they’ve read. You will learn:

  • How to support your message using the structure of your piece
  • How to meet the reader at their knowledge level and encourage them to think about new ideas
  • How to organize your content so that the takeaway is clear for the reader.

Where: Online via Zoom

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