Lights, Camera, Autism

  • A TWO-DAY Broadcasting WORKSHOP for Teens with Autism

    Lights, Camera, Autism is a highly innovative broadcasting workshop specifically designed for high school students with autism to develop and strengthen their social skills. Many skills in broadcasting are transferable and applicable to communicating in everyday life. (E.g. Having a two-way conversation, asking relevant questions of others, listening to answers, staying on topic, observing body language)

    Lights, Camera, Autism is a unique and fun way for teens to practice interacting in a supportive environment. Watch the latest videos from Vancouver School District here:

    The workshop is designed for 8 students. Age range: 13+

    LCA YouTube Channel

    Students will be selected by their Learning Support Teachers or Case Managers and will be accompanied by their Education Assistant for the workshop.

    The curriculum includes:
    ● Interviewing: How to prepare and host an on-camera interview.
    ● On-Location Live Reporting
    ● On-Camera Skills and Tips
    ● Weather Reporting
    ● Critique and Discussion

    With supportive feedback, the participants identify areas they want to improve on, preparing for their final interview with a ‘special guest’.

    Resources and materials are left with Teachers and Education Assistants to further support students after completion of the workshop.

    Lights, Camera Autism was created and is delivered by experienced Broadcaster and Education Assistant, Katie Bennison. Katie is the mom of a teenage daughter living with autism. She is joined by veteran Camera Operator, Brent Gilbert, who also has a son on the spectrum. Between them, they bring over 60 years of broadcasting experience to share with the teens.


    Thanks to a generous grant from the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation, the workshop was delivered in the West Vancouver School District in May 2019. It will be rolled out in the Vancouver, Surrey and Coquitlam School Districts during the 2019/2020 school year.