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Career Training

Are you a post-secondary graduate or underemployed in a professional setting? The Employment Retention Training and Assessment (ERTA) Program may be exactly what you need to advance your career! This program provides you with the confidence and skills you need to gain and retain a role in a professional business environment 

In partnership with Orbital Learning, AutismBC is proud to be part of the ERTA Program for individuals on the autism spectrum who are looking for professional roles in technology, accounting, and administration.  

This training goes beyond resumes and interviews! You’ll learn how to cope with deadlines, conflicting priorities, and ambiguity. You’ll learn acceptable and unacceptable behaviours within the workplace, as well as conflict resolution and appropriate communication. We’ll teach you about organizational structures and functions, business practices and processes, and how to work independently or within a team. To top it all off, you’ll receive continual feedback and coaching! 

The ERTA program is delivered by Orbital Learning.

*Please note, there is a cost associated with the ERTA program.  

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