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  • Did you know AutismBC has the largest autism related lending library in British Columbia? The Library is located at the Goodlife Fitness Family Autism Hub, also know as the Pacific Autism Family Centre in Richmond, BC. AutismBC members have unlimited access to books, DVDs, and games from our collection.

    Each month Allison, our Library and Program Coordinator, will be putting together a list of resources relevant to the information requests we get from the community.  August and September are focusing on Education.

    Guides for Teachers #1


    Great for teachers looking for:

    • Practical information on integrating and supporting students with autism in a regular classroom.
    • Basic information about causes, characteristics and treatments of ASD
    • Tips for adapting classes and homework, teaching language and math, improving communication, building social relationships, and handling challenging behaviour

    Books Recommendations

    1. Autism in your classroom: a general educator’s guide to students with autism spectrum disorders by Deborah Fein, Ph.D. and Michelle A. Dunn, PhD
    2. Keys to success for teaching students with autism by Lori Ernsperger, Ph.D.
    3. Making it a success: practical strategies and worksheets for teaching students with autism spectrum disorders by Sue Larkey

    Guides for Teachers #2: Books by Paula Kluth


    Great for teachers looking for:

    • Help creating fun, engaging learning opportunities for all students
    • Learning how to support students with autism and other disabilities
    • Ways to use students’ interests and areas of expertise to promote learning

    Book Recommendations

    1. You’re going to love this kid: teaching students with autism in the inclusive classroom by Paula Kluth
    2. From tutor scripts to talking sticks: 100 ways to differentiate instruction in K-12 inclusive classrooms by Paula Kluth and Sheila Danaher
    3. “Just give him the whale” 20 ways to use fascinations, areas of expertise, and strengths to support students with autism by Paula Kluth and Patrick Schwarz

    Explaining Autism to Other Kids


    Great for anyone that wants to:

    • Describe autism in kid-friendly terms
    • Explain why people with autism behave differently
    • Teach kids how to be a friend to a person on the spectrum

    Book Recommendations

    1. The autism acceptance book: being a friend to someone with autism by Ellen Sabin
    2. Why does Izzy cover her ears? Dealing with sensory overload by Jennifer Veenendall
    3. My best friend Will by Jamie Lowell and Tara Tuchel

    For more information or to borrow these books please contact Allison at

    Our library catalogue is extensive, and all members are eligible to receive the library resources by mail throughout the province free of charge (with a pre-paid return envelope) if visiting us in person is not an option. If you aren’t a member of AutismBC, get your free membership here.