Staff Spotlight: Corey Walker

By Brock Sheppard

    Corey has been a part of AutismBC since he joined the team in 2012. He is the Northern Regional Coordinator and alongside other programs has been responsible for creating and hosting adult support groups, expanding AutismBC Goes into Prince George, Quesnel, and other Northern towns. Corey is an autistic self-advocate and is active in both the local and national autism community.

    When not planning or hosting AutismBC events, Corey hosts four weekly radio programs on 93.1 CFIS-FM, Prince George’s Community Radio station, a two-hour classic country program, a one-hour gospel program, a one-hour bluegrass program, and one-hour old time radio program.” As if that isn’t already a lot to have on his plate, Corey also likes to listen to music, collect old books, surf the web, and go snowshoeing in winter.

    Corey believes that being a part of the AutismBC team means “I’m part of a team that helps support the autism community. I enjoy the warm feeling I get when I help empower people to be their own self-advocate, or when parents tell me that they have hope for their children’s future after meeting and talking with me. All of those things give me a warm fuzzy feeling and it’s what motivates me to come into work each day.”

    As the Northern Regional Coordinator, Corey’s responsibilities include listening to the needs of the community and creating opportunities for autistic individuals and their families to come together. Over the last seven years, Corey’s focus has been building a community that interacts, supports, laughs with each another. Today we see this happening through various support groups, sibling groups, special one-off holiday events and the AutismBC Goes program.

    As an autistic self-advocate, Corey shared that “One of my autistic traits is that I have an excellent long-term memory (not so good short-term memory) and my special interests include country music history, and the history of schools and communities, especially Prince George.”

    Corey’s dedication to AutismBC radiates through the individuals and families he has and continues to support. If you would like to learn more about what programs are available in Northern BC communities, or you have any questions about what events please reach out to Corey.

    Thanks for all your hard work Corey, AutismBC is lucky to have you.