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10 Ways to Better Support Autistic Employees

June 20, 2023
We asked our autistic content creator Aly Laube to share some advice on how managers can better support autistic employees.

Facing Ableism in the School System

October 6, 2022
Facing Ableism in the School System My name is Cole Lawrence and I prefer identity-first language like autistic person. I was diagnosed with autism at […]

Helpful and Unhelpful School Experiences

December 19, 2022
Content Warning: Bullying, school system, mental health School can be a challenging place, especially when those around you don’t take the time to understand your […]

Jake Anthony, Stereotypes, and Advocacy

October 6, 2022
Why I Identify as a Person First I choose to identify as a person first (i.e. person with autism or individual on the spectrum). My autism […]

Autism, Elopement, and Policing

May 18, 2023
These blogs contain opinions and lived experiences of the individual author, not necessarily those of AutismBC. We honour the opinions and lived experiences of the […]

Kenny Hoang: A Heartbreaking Story of Bullying

February 28, 2024
Do you prefer person first or identity-first language? When did you get an autism assessment? I prefer Person-first language. I got my autism assessment in […]
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