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Autistic Joy

8 Essential Gifts to Get Autistic People this Holiday Season 

May 18, 2023
No matter which holidays you celebrate around year-end, if you have a gift to give to an autistic person in your life, these are great options to consider. 

Self-acceptance as a late-diagnosed woman with Janette Bundic

May 18, 2023
Janette’s Story I identify as person first and then autism second. So, I prefer to be referred to as someone having autism or a woman […]

Erica Mac aka Piano Punk

May 18, 2023
Content Warning: Identity, Diagnosis, Sexism My name is Erica Mac, aka. Piano Punk. My pronouns are complicated. I use she/her in my regular life because […]

Band 13th Floor’s Journey on Employment and Adulting

May 18, 2023
You may remember 13th Floor from their amazing performance at the 2020 BC Autism Awards show. In between gigs and band practices, band members Adam, […]

Parenting as a neurodivergent dad with Bruce Petherick

May 18, 2023
You identify as being neurodivergent. For those who aren’t familiar with that word, what does it mean to you?    One of the first books about […]
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