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Why Pink Shirt Day is Important to me as an Autistic Person

February 28, 2024
For Anthony, an autistic adult community member, Pink Shirt Day is important because it raises the topic of becoming allies to the disability community.

Facing Ableism in the School System

September 3, 2021
Facing Ableism in the School System My name is Cole Lawrence and I prefer identity-first language like autistic person. I was diagnosed with autism at […]

Self-acceptance as a late-diagnosed woman with Janette Bundic

July 27, 2021
Janette’s Story I identify as person first and then autism second. So, I prefer to be referred to as someone having autism or a woman […]

Kenny Hoang: A Heartbreaking Story of Bullying

February 19, 2021
Do you prefer person first or identity-first language? When did you get an autism assessment? I prefer Person-first language. I got my autism assessment in […]

AutismBC’s Statement Against Bullying

February 19, 2021
AutismBC denounces all forms of bullying in all environments, regardless of age, ability, gender identity, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. We believe in inclusivity and acceptance […]

Our Response to Violence Towards Children on the Autism Spectrum

September 1, 2020
We at AutismBC would like to express our concern regarding the information provided to the public about two recent incidents involving children on the autism […]
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