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2023 Budget: No Investment to Address the Autism Assessment Crisis

April 21, 2023
Despite consistent advocacy from the autism community, the 2023 budget shows nothing regarding the 2 to 3-year waitlist for public autism assessments for children and […]

Your Guide to Accessing Community Supports and Services in BC

January 9, 2024
Amanda: Creating programs and environments that are free from barriers and proactive in providing supports. Every person is included and their possible needs are considered […]

Moving to BC and Finding Autism Support

May 18, 2023
Moving to BC? Autism programs, funding and supports available vary from province to province. If you are moving to British Columbia, these are some provincial […]

Finding Support Services for Autism in BC

June 20, 2023
Finding Support Services  Assistive Technology British Columbia (ATBC)  “Assistive Technology BC (ATBC) provides assistive technology resources to make learning environments usable for people with disabilities […]

Navigation and Lived Experiences for Autistic Young Adults

May 19, 2023
There are three service providers in BC that you can reach out to. We spoke with their representatives and learned about what they do to […]
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