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2023 Budget: No Investment to Address the Autism Assessment Crisis

April 21, 2023
Despite consistent advocacy from the autism community, the 2023 budget shows nothing regarding the 2 to 3-year waitlist for public autism assessments for children and […]

Premier Eby Commits to Maintain Autism Funding Programs after 2025

December 5, 2022
Only a week after Premier David Eby was sworn in as BC’s new leader, he reversed the October 2021 decision to phase out individualized autism funding in 2025.

2023 Budget Consultation: AutismBC’s Recommendations

May 18, 2023
On June 13th, 2022, Julia Boyle, AutismBC Executive Director, participated in the 2023 Budget Consultation and presented three recommendations to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services.

My Personal Experience with Individualized Autism Funding

November 2, 2022
Jake Anthony, an autistic self-advocate, shares his personal experience with Individualized Autism Funding and his concerns with the program’s announced ending. Jake is AutismBC’s Program […]

Media Release: Provincial budget doesn’t address services for B.C.’s most vulnerable children and youth 

November 2, 2022
We travelled to Victoria on Feb 22, 2022 to attend the 2022 Budget Lock-Up and left disappointed by the lack of investment in programs for children and youth with support needs who do not benefit from existing programs.

Analysis Finds Serious Shortcomings in MCFD’s Proposed Assessment Tools

October 5, 2022
 You can read it here or click the image below:   What are the shortcomings? In late 2021, BC’s MCFD announced changes to how it […]

AutismBC rejects MCFD’s information sessions and survey for community members

October 6, 2022
AutismBC rejects these information sessions as a form of meaningful consultation with MCFD. The sessions did not provide any new information and created even more […]

34 Disability Organizations write to MCFD

October 6, 2022
December 3, 2021   Honourable Mitzi Dean Ministry of Children & Family Development PO Box 9724 Stn. Prov Govt Victoria, BC V8W 9S2­­   RE: […]

AutismBC Visits the Legislature: Advocating for Meaningful Consultation with the Disability Community

October 6, 2022
We visited Legislature with the intention of representing and voicing common concerns from disability organizations and community members about the proposed changes to the Child […]

Open Letter to Minister Dean | Post-Meeting

October 6, 2022
Please feel free to use these questions in your calls and letters to your own MLAs and remember to cc [email protected]. Use this site to […]

In the Press: AutismBC’s Advocacy on MCFD Funding Changes

November 25, 2022
October 27, 2021—AutismBC board president Kaye Banez spoke to Global regarding MCFD’s initial announcement. “Learning the individualized funding will be phased out is very concerning […]

Our Collective Response to MCFD’s Autism Funding Change Announcement

October 6, 2022
Find out what you can do to voice your concerns to Minister Mitzi Dean Dear Member, As many of you know, the Ministry of Children […]
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