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Ministry of Education

Online Learning, Alternative Learning and Homeschool 

February 16, 2024
School Options in BC  Public School  In-person (IP) schools, often referred to as “brick & mortar”, public schools are your local school(s) open to all students. […]

2023 Budget Consultation: AutismBC’s Recommendations

May 18, 2023
On June 13th, 2022, Julia Boyle, AutismBC Executive Director, participated in the 2023 Budget Consultation and presented three recommendations to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services.

Education Changes in BC 

October 6, 2022
Did you know about the changes happening with schooling in BC?  AutismBC is committed to inclusion and supporting our community. Our members have been asking us […]

A Guide to Individual Education Plans (IEPs) in BC

December 8, 2023
The start of the school year new to an autism diagnosis can stir anxiety and leave you with a lot of questions about how your […]

Advocacy Support in BC

June 20, 2023
At AutismBC, our Resource Team is here to connect you to region specific community supports and other organizations that provide support and help meet your needs. When the AutismBC Resource Team is asked about complex needs, we provide relevant resources and then direct you onto an external advocacy and […]

Moving to BC and Finding Autism Support

May 18, 2023
Moving to BC? Autism programs, funding and supports available vary from province to province. If you are moving to British Columbia, these are some provincial […]
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